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    Cohiba 2015 limited Real ?

    I imagine this has been asked plenty of times so please bare with me. An employee of mine recently brought back a box of Cohiba 2015 limited . My concern is are they real or not. From what I can tell, the box looks legit, the band, triple cap, even color etc. But I'm no expert. Also, I can't...
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    Camacho Corojo Limited - Diploma

    Well, for my first review on these boards, I'll put in my .02 cents on a smoke that truly needs no introduction. As I've mentioned before, I've been away from cigars for a while, but the Camacho Corojos were always in my rotation. Somehow, I never managed to get a hold of a non-Maduro diploma...
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    5 Vegas Series 'A' Limited Release Apocalypse

    Anyone interested in 5 or 10 of these pm me 5 Vegas Series 'A' Limited Release Apocalypse 6x58
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    My Super Bowl Cigar, A Don Bienve Limited Reserve . . .

    Churchill. I woke up shortly before the alarm, and rose out of bed a few minutes later on Sunday evening, about 1815 hours. I know the Super Bowl never kicks off on time, but it was surely nigh. I went upstairs, ground the coffee, Guatemala Coban, that I had put in the grinder earlier in...
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    Partagas Limited Reserve

    Has anyone tried the limited reserve? If so, how does it compare to the Black label and Spanish Rosado??
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    Partagas LImited Reserve Decadas

    The following press release was issued by general cigar today. Mods: This is a public press release intended for reprint and distribution. For Immediate Release August 3, 2005 GENERAL CIGAR TO UNVEIL PARTAGAS LIMITED RESERVE DECADAS New York, NY—Only an average of three per...
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    Camacho Corojo Limited Ed. Liberty 2005

    These are on their way to us now. Only a very small handful of sticks in the first batch. Not sure on availability but they will be gone in the blink of an eye. I was wrong. The sample I smoked was a robusto and was amazing. These are the same size as the 11/18 with a maduro wrapper. Less...
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    2005 Griffins Limited Edition XXI

    The new ones are coming. Only 65,000 sticks produced this year and only 40% of the production is reserved for US distribution leaving some 2500 boxes for the americans. MSRP is 100.00 a box of 10, a 5.5 x 50 robusto in glass tube. Last years XX edition was great. Anyway thought I would let...
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    Opus X Limited Edition Charity Box

    Hey Everyone. I just wanted to let you know that we recieved one of these the other day. Since we don't normally carry it, And probably won't ever again, we're not going to put it on our website. So I thought I would offer it to anyone on this forum if you want it. PM me for details...
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    la gloria figurado limited

    the selectos de lujos just got a 93 rating. anyone smoked one yet?