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    For Sale: Lot of assorted sticks and accessories

    Long story short, I'm a newb who ordered a bunch of samplers and later decided cigars aren't for me. Selling lot of these 54 cigars, two spanish cedar trays, a calibrated Caliber IV digital hygrometer and eight 60g 69% Boveda packs. Asking $180 shipped to CONUS buyer. I have photos that I...
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    Uncle Beanz' Ethiopian Yrgacheffe Gedio Lot. . . .

    Well, I had this coffee ready to drink with 3:45 left to go in the game between my Toy Cows and the Arizona Cardinals. How ridiculous, at least rename the team Coral Snakes or Gila Monsters if you move them to Arizona. Upon opening the bag, I was struck by the rustic, irregular nature and...
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    Perdomo Lot 23

    Has anyone tried this yet??