1. P

    Cigar Cabinet Humidor Mold Issue-Advice Needed-Thanks

    I bought a used Montegue End Table Cigar Humidor. He had the shelves on bottom and when got home there was mold on the bottom. Looks like had cigar oasis on shelve in between unit and bottom. You can see dried out green where the slots were. Shame on me for not checking. I see remedies on line...
  2. S

    Plume or Mold

    You can see the white streak on the left, but it is a very light white dust all over the wrapper evenly. :confused: :rolleyes:
  3. H

    Humidor mold?

    Is it possible to get mold spores in your humidor and then transfer to your smokes...i had a couple that had some green spots in/on the wrapper, and both were smokes that had direct contact with the cedar, so I thought it might be mold from a previous temperature spike, so i removed my smokes...
  4. PuFf

    Mold or Plume?

    So I broke out an H. Upmann that I got in a 4 pack sampler about a week ago. I know these samplers were discontinued but have no idea when. I got them at a cigar outlet of sorts ( a discount cigar shop really). The spots wipe off rather easily with my finger and after examining them under a...
  5. B


    Well, for this holiday season, I recieved a new desktop humidor. I have since been letting it sit with a bowl of water, watching the humidity slowly raise up to a point where I can properly introduce some cigars. Monday when I got home, I checked on it and it was up to 68% and it was the same...
  6. H

    Anejo/Possible (probable) mold?

    Are Anejo's especially susceptable to mold? Last night went to the cigar bar to watch the tigers game, so i broke out one of my Anejo's. As i pulled off the cedar, i immediately said "Oooohh no." then my fiancee says, "eww, its all moldy" so i did the only think i could think of at the...
  7. C

    PLUME or MOLD???

    I got my hands on some rare ASHTON VSG ESTATE RESERVES...I was excited to get them, one I pulled them from the box I noticed this white powdery substance on them...i went from excited to extreme psyched...could this powder be plume? or is it mold? Click the link to check out the pictures and...
  8. B

    Mold or plume.

    I am guessing mold. My dad came back from the St.Martien, I even gave him the address of the LCDH there but he did not make it. He did bring me back some pretty good sticks anyways. but here are the pictures. What do you guys think?
  9. C

    Mold or Bloom??? Help!!!

    Last Friday, I purchased six singles ( Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Flor Fina) from a local shop. They are cedar sleeved and celo wraped. Tonight I planed to smoke one and let the other 5 rest for a few weeks. When I toook the celo and sleeve off I noticed many small white spots where the sleeve was...
  10. C

    Mold vs Plume - pictures & info

    Thought this might be helpful? Check out this site: Not the best pictures I have ever seen but better than nothing
  11. C

    white mold??

    Anyone seen mold like this? [/img]