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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Specials

    Does anyone have any scuttle on upcoming deals from online retailers ??? Even free shipping helps !!
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    Cyber Monday Deal

    Cigars International has a pretty great Cyber Monday Deal right now. It's at
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    Monday, 7/26

    Wonderful night here in new England. Red Sox are plastering Baltimore. Going to have a Montecristo Afrique Uhuru, a gift from Lew Rothman and Steve Saka. Thanx guys.
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    Monday Boibun

    Tonight, a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 proof that was gifted to me. I shall pop the cork after band practice.
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    Monday 7/19

    Todays choices First was a Montecristo White #3, very well constructed, and becoming a favorite. After band practice tonight will be a CAO MX2. These are new, and new to me. We'll see how it goes.