1. B

    Newbie Here

    Hello all. I'm from Rockland County, NY and new to this site and cigars. Any tips for a new cigar smoker? I always had a cigar here and there but really started to take a liking to it recently on a hunting trip.
  2. S

    Advice for a Newbie

    Advice for a newbie... I have a humidor, I seasoned it, bought 3 bovida packs to keep it humid and my hygrometer reads 75 degrees / 60%. I thought I did everything correctly, yet I am not sure that the above numbers are good thing. Can someone help me out? Sleeved613
  3. R

    Old But New

    Im an old cigar smoker but a new forum user! Look forward to chatting to everyone about smoking sticks and enjoying an amazing hobby. I love myself a good cuban cigar - partagas 1845 and black label are my goto. Have a few others aging in my humidor.
  4. E

    Newbie online retailer joining the community!

    Hey guys! I came across your forums while looking for places to talk about cigars and living the good life... You guys here at Cigar Forums seemed to fit the bill! When I'm not smoking cigars, I'm busy working on getting my online store up and running. I'd really like to be able to connect...
  5. O

    Newbie with a question

    Hello to all my cigar smokers up here (old and new). I have question, I have a 300 ct. Humidor, the end table type. I would like to know whats the best option to humidify this thing. Is it better to get an electric humidifier or the beads? If I get the beads how many humidifier bars should I put...
  6. Maximus64

    Newbie Here

    New guy here. I've been savoring cigars for several years off and on. I've been off for the last three or four years. Recently a buddy of mine was hurt on the job. I would help him with whatever needed to be done, including mowing his yard. I asked nothing in return because I know he would...
  7. J

    Newbie here

    Hello all from NJ, a little late to the party but finally decided to join the world of Owning and Storing cigars not just smoking them once or twice a year.
  8. Q

    I am a newbie

    Hi there, I was looking for some advice on where to buy a specific cigar which could be delivered to the UK. Does anyone know what websites sell Perdomo lot 23 bernard cigars that can be delivered to the UK? If anyone does then can you send me a reply with the website.
  9. C

    New to this fantastic hobby...

    Well, decided to start on the cigar collection. Any recommendations for decent sticks under 10 bucks, mild to medium, possibly even full bodied. I've tried a Ghurka Ghost, Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 and Partagas Black Label. Ive liked all of them, but would like to know some other ones to branch...
  10. R

    Another Newbie Question

    OK I have read some of you talking about Padron cigars, my question is which one/type would you recommend, I am always looking for new smokes and after doing some looking I would like to give them a shot, I was more into the mild/medium cigars for a bit but am finding that I like the full side...
  11. G

    Newbie Questions

    Is it important whether or not the humidor has a glass lid or not? My local cigar store expert says to not purchase one with glass. Is it better to have the hygrometer on the front or in the humidor? Thank you.
  12. C

    Newbie From Motown

    Hello fellow smokers! My name is Ryan and I'm from Michigan (Metro Detroit) I'm a huge fan of Drew Estate. All time Favorite smoke is the ACID 5 Robusto. Followed by any of the "blue labels." I have recently been introduced to the Isla del Sol, Tabak Especial and Java lines as well and have yet...
  13. E

    Newbie questions

    We grind our coffee but would like to get into roasting it and would appreciate some advice. Naturally my first question is as to what roaster we should look at. We usually make a 10 cup pot every morning so it should have at least that capacity. Any web site would be appreciated but...
  14. V

    Newbie looking for recomendations

    I've just recently started with cigars. I've only tried a few and am looking for some good recommendations from someone who knows a bit more than I do. . . ignorance can be cured and I'm looking for a cure :thumbsup: Heres what I've tried and what I thought of them: Joya De Nicaragua Antano...
  15. V

    Recommendations for a newbie

    I'm going out of the country next week, to places where I can legally try a real Cuban cigar. I don't smoke cigars often, so am a bit of a newbie on this. I'm looking for recommendations on what would be some good smokes to try. Also, if you could include ball park costs so I can tell if I'm...
  16. P

    Recommended cigar for a newbie.

    I've only had montecristo, romeo's, trinidad [ hated] and cohiba's but they cost loads over here so I'm going to buy one of each house blend and one of a few other cigar brands from this site so... I normally buy torpedo or churchill size and love anything thats spicy with an oakey taste. I...
  17. I

    Best press and grinder? HELP the Newbie!

    I've started down the slippery slope of coffee. I'm only purchasing every day, so I've only crested the hill I guess, but I figure I should really slide down head first and do things right. 1) So I'm looking for a good press. I read Bodum makes good ones and I like this one...
  18. C

    What is the best newbie set-up

    A question for the field. As most of you know I am new to cigars. I have been considering getting a humidor for some time now. However, here is my delimma. I need a easy hands free type set up ( as hands free as possible). I travel monthly usually for 3 to 4 days at a time so I need to make...
  19. S

    Kinda Newbie Question/Statement

    This is my first post on this or any cigar forum. I am a bit new when it comes to cigars. I have been peeking at this forum for the last year but have not committed to comment on anything. I would like to thank all of you for the many hints and suggestions that have been posted here. I...
  20. L

    Need an answer for a newbie

    This is my first cigars, How do you smoke them? lol, isnt there supposed to be a hole at one end? I have a red label from and cusano 18 neither one have a hole at one end. Do i have to have a cigar cutter? do i poke a hole in the end?