1. B

    Invitation for folks near Richmond, VA - Friday night Feb.2

    My business partner and I (SplatBrothersĀ® PaintBall) are hosting a Cigar Night for the soldiers stationed at Fort Lee US Army Base, Colonial Heights VA. The event is being hosted at a local B&M, Anje's Cigar Club, and the first 50 soldiers receive a free cigar. Light fare will be served...
  2. W

    Excalibur Dark Night

    Has any one had one of these sticks? I just got a box for Christmas from my fiance and I love them. The pull is smooth and leaves a great, full white smoke. I really think they are one of the best sticks i have found as far as value goes.
  3. M

    Ashes Night

    Hey all, I'm planning on being at Ashes in Red Bank NJ on the evening of the 1stof December with a few of my coworkers. I was wondering if anyone wanted to join us. Let me know if anyone is interested!!!
  4. H

    just thought id share about a great night i had

    and yes, its 3:00 am and i've had a bit to drink first, went to teatro goldoni which is a fantastic restaurant in d.c. which serves italian food in the venetian tradition, my fiancees freind works there and we got HOOKED up, prolly near a $200+ bill for 75 bux, food was fantastic, had a...
  5. cybrus

    Coffee + Internet + Late Night TV

    Watching the opening of Conan O'Brien with my laptop on the table, the cat sleeping in my lap, the dog on my feet and a hot cup of Kenya AA cooling at my side. Can't complain!
  6. H

    Smoked last night....

    I had a CAO Brazilia last nigth (GOL). I bought it a couple weeks back at my local shop while I was trying to find a cigar with flavor and punch!. When I openned the humidor last night this guy and the Partagas black label were looking back at me. The green label and dark wrapper won out...
  7. P

    Its gonna be a great night

    Hey Cig lovers, well I broke down and bought season 4 of 24, so it looks as if I'll have to make a celebration out of it. Plans : Steak (ribeye) with garlic salt rub in Baked potato (I almost had a D. Quayle moment)...
  8. S

    Last night

    I had a terrible dream last night. It was so realistic, it took me a while after I woke up to realize that it was only a dream. In it, my wife asked me if my cigar was supposed to have "all those little holes in it". upon closer inspection, I found dozens of little channels around the cigar...
  9. B

    Friday Night TV Sucks !

    So here I am sucking down a bottle of Vintage Port, Smoking a Perdomo Estate Selection Whatever and basically having a grand time. What are you doing this friday night ?
  10. C

    The night of the skunk

    Now I know that this post doesn't have much to do with cigars. Except that I was out smoking a Gurka (my first) at the time of the skunk attack. I had finished about 1/2 of it when I hear a bunch of commotion, and I see my 150# St. Bernard rolling around on the ground. My nostrils are suddenly...
  11. M

    And to all a good night

    Wish me luck. I just packed up my cold weather gear and plan on getting to target at 330 AM to get in line and hopefully get myslef an new x box 360 when they open. Oh also I am packing a bunch of dipomas. I figure if I start smoking those I can work my way up to the front. :D
  12. B

    The Friday Night Bourbon

    Tonight belongs to Elmer T Lee and his 90 proof Single Barrel Sour Mash. This will be a first taste for me. It was on special this month at the state run Bourbon store fo $20.00.
  13. T

    HD Net World Report last night

    They were showing Katrina damage, and showing tape of people/authorities that was taped a couple of years ago, who were saying that a massive hurricane would devistate the city. They would go back and forth between the tape and actual events showing the exact devistation that was predicted. A...
  14. B

    Sunday Night Beverage

    This Sunday was daughter Rebecca's birthday Dinner. So to celabrate the fireman she is cohabatating with brought a bottle of Port. Clocktower Australian Port. It was a Tawney Port bottled by Mildara wines in Merbein, Victoria, Australia. It was pretty good for a 10.00 bottle of Port...
  15. U

    What a great night!

    After a long hectic week, I got to enjoy my day off. It was overcast all day and I had a bunch of stuff to do. I came home and fired up the grill and it started raining. No problem, I put the umbrella over the jacuzzi and sat in there for two hours, enjoying a La Gloria Cubana serie R #7...
  16. M

    What a Great Night

    Last night my fiance and I hit the town for my birthday. I booked a room at a hotel here on the north shore and embarked on ruths chris for dinner. It has been a really long time since I have been there because since moving to chicago there is just so much variety for a good steak. Upon...
  17. C

    Last night's smoke

    Last night I smoked an Opus RDC. Normally this isn't one of my favorite sizes....But this was one that has been sitting in my humidor since not that long...anyway...It was amazing. Every so often there is that one from the box that just knocks my socks off! This was it....The...
  18. B

    friday night (long)

    So last night i went to a local bar to see 2 live crew perform. They are a raunchy rap group that had to go infront of congress or the supreme court and had their first album banned in america. They sing classics such as "Me so horny" "We want some pussy" and "If you believe in having sex". I...
  19. P

    Man I love poker night

    1-Vegas Robaina Famosa 1-Montecristo #2 4-Shots of 1800 millenium Tequila 4-Pacifico beers 530% return on my buy in all in all it was a great night
  20. M

    what about the late night?

    im always on here from around 10 to 5 (central time) where are you guys? probably sleepin... we need some more night owls in here... someone to respond to my drunken ramblings... let me add at this point that i love it here, all you folks are great, and i check every morning to see it...