1. 3

    Looking for a boveda pack?

    I have a question I have a hard plastic waterproof invicta dive case that could potentially hold 50 + cigars And want to convert it into a tupperdore/humidor/ my own creation I got a couple cigar boxes last night from my local gas station Is there anyone here that could donate / help me...
  2. C

    Cigar noob

    Hello folks! I am Daniel and a newbie in the amazing world of cigars. A few weeks ago I found a cigar in one of my drawers (didn't recall where I got it from) and my wife was on a weekend trip with her girlfriends, so I decided to smoke'em along with a nice glass of scotch. Well, I got...
  3. T

    noob to the site and to cigars

    Hello everyone. My name is Brandon and as the title says I am new to cigars and to this forum. I would like any tips, tricks, or hints to having great taste and the best way to cut light and smoke a cigar. I am also wondering what are some really good cigars for not to much money. I would really...
  4. C

    Noob here

    Hello all, Just found this place and was excited to see such a site existed as I love forums. Anyways I have been casually enjoying cigars for the past few years but just got a humidor and starting my collection. I look forward to reading tips, recommendations and friendly banter.
  5. Dave77


    Evening everyone well a little about me I've been smoking for about a year now current favorites are tramp stamp and skill breaker surrogates liga undercrowns I am in the military getting ready to pcs to ft bliss in July currently stationed in ft Bragg nc been in 16 years looking forward to...
  6. B

    I'm officially a pipe noob

    The missus set me up with Peterson 80s (1/4 bent bulldog) with a beautiful smooth finish on a very contrasty grain briar. With a few little bags of smoke and a 3:1 tool I'm loving it. But I'm realizing that packing and lighting is definitely an art to learn. :D It's like this one ...