1. C

    For Sale: Big Smoke Vegas November 17 & 18th

    *********************** *********** STAY AT MY.....Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort my 2 bedroom 2 bath for 2 Nights 3 days November 17th,18th,and 19th.......2 blocks off strip...Free shuttle to Cigar Smoke at Mirage ......$500.00 total costs.. The resort is an oasis near the...
  2. K

    Churchill's in Boston - November 7th

    Anybody interested in sitting down and having a smoke with Phisherman and myself - let me know. We will be at Churchill's in Boston on November 7th (Election Day - vote early and often). I dont' have to be to my meeting the next day until 2pm so I think I could actually stay out late for once.
  3. T

    Sit down Raleigh NC November ?

    Hi all - I am coing over to NC on 25th November for a week to visit family and wondered if it might be possible to set something up, anyone got any ideas ?
  4. cybrus

    November Newsletter

    Great newsletter guys! I really enjoy reading about the different places in Chicago that you guys get to visit. Makes me hungry just reading about the steaks! And nice job with the ToraƱo interview - the Exodus 1959 is also one of my favorites. Can't wait to get my CotM shipment - have...