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    Nub Connecticut 460 review

    Tonight I tried out a Nub Connecticut 460, I loved this cigar. The draw was great, I thought it had a cedar/spice taste. It burned even the whole way down, and the ash didn't fall until it was about 1/2" from the band. It was consistent the whole time I smoked it. It lasted about 45 min and I...
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    The Nub

    I have been totally intrigued by this cigar. I feel that it has been marketed perfectly. so I had to get a smapler to give it a try. the reasoning behind this cigar Sam Leccia Says is to get to a sweat spot in the cigar right away, We will see. I am going with the 466 habano wrapper. it is...
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    Nub by Olivia

    Anyone have a chance to try these yet? I just got the email from saying they just started selling them & they look pretty damn good. I like the idea of a short high ring cigar.
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    Nub Cigar Event

    I'll be attending this one. The event is occuring at the Tinder Box Easton on April 3 from 5pm to 9pm.