1. EllisBoydRedding

    My Old Lady...Cigar Odor

    My guilty pleasure when I work late at night is to enjoy a stogie in my office. Which is immediately followed by my wife complaining about the smell the following morning. You can almost set your watch by her constantly repeating, 'UH! The whole house smells like smoke!' I don't mind smoking...
  2. Z

    Cigar odor offenders

    I'm looking for a bit of input on which brands of cigars smell particularly unpleasant to people who don't smoke cigars. When I'm at home, at the cigar shop, or outside I don't worry about it, but there are a few cigar friendly bars around here and I'd like to avoid major olfactory offenders...
  3. B

    Best odor killer?

    My partner and I share an office, and he smokes cigarettes, which slays me. Instead of the wonderful aged bouquet brought on by the enjoyment of cigars, I'm stuck with the tongue killing, nose poisoning aroma of his cigs. The odor is just as bad, whether they are lit, or whether it's the...