1. K

    cigar 5 pack

    Does any one know if Cigar 5 pak closed I was looking them up and it looks like they closed. Thanks
  2. T

    Makers Mark 3 Pack

    My dad really likes the makers mark cigars and i was thinkin of getting him one of those three packs that they make. Any body seen a good deal on them.
  3. D

    stupid boveda pack question

    here is the stupid questionof the day. just received 69 RH boveda packs that devil dog and others talked about. Now I take it out of t he outer plastic bag and just put the white bag in humi ??
  4. A

    La Gloria Series R Six Pack

    The following press release was issued by general cigar today. Mods: This is a public press release intended for reprint and distribution. For Immediate Release August 3, 2005 New La Gloria Cubana Serie R Six Pack Frontmark to Debut New Size is Limited to Six Pack Display...
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    Earlier this week I took delivery of a ten pack . . .

    of Hemingway Classics, a fine 7x48 favorite of mine which had seemed to mellow considerably as the millennium turned, losing some of the bold flavors I remembered from the ones I tried in the late '90's. Still and all, I couldn't pass up the deal at, one of my favorite cigar web...