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    For Sale: Padron Millennium Sealed

    2 Maduro/ 2 Natural still sealed from 1999. $600 firm. The sticks alone go for 150 a piece.
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    Flor de las antillas & Padron

    Hi I got todays few cigar but I want to ask what you think about this two cigars. -Flor de las antillas -Padron Thank you in advance
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    Padron 1926 No. 2 Maduro

    This was my first experience with the Padron 1926 series, and also the 1926 Maddie....i was blown away with this cigar. I didn't spend a lot of time trying to take notes or think about it, but rather just sit back and enjoy it. It was a great cigar from start to finish!! The burn was perfect and...
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    Padron 1964 Maduro

    I am surprised that there is no traffic on, in my opinion, of the best cigars ever made. My judgement is not made on hype, ratings, price etc; some of my favorite cigars range from but not limited to the Gurkha Shaggy, Arturo Fuente Don Carlos, Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Maduro, Rocky Patel Edge...
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    Padron awarded 95 points

    PADRĂ“N SERIE 1926 80 YEARS MADURO 95 POINTS 6 3/4" x 54 $30.00 Humidor Selection A beautifully pressed figurado tapered at both ends. It is rich with cocoa, leather and coffee, yet balanced by toast, orange peel and a sweet, spicy finish. Complex. Body: Medium to Full - Cigar Insider...
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    Padron 80th Anni's

    Anyone smoked one yet? CCom gonna get any? Saw a pic of them from the RTDA. Looked very nice.
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    padron 64' and 26'

    im new to this but i just recently smoked my padron 26' and 64' and while i smoke every stick i like to (Removed by cigar staff ) smell the shaft of the cigar while i smoke, when i have done this with padrons i get the scent of seafood, almost that it is the perfect food with this smoke...
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    Padron 40th Anniversary Maduro

    I'm thinking about purchasing a box of 20 and am looking for three more people to go in on a split, 5 cigars each. These are a little pricey but highly collectible, and I'm assuming highly smokeable, since they are Padron. If you are interested, send me a PM, and I'll let you know the price...
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    Padron 2000

    I just lit one up and threw it away about 1/4 of the way through it. It had a black pepper/spice flavor too it, but in a bad way. Was very bitter and harsh. Ash was grey to black. I have never had a bad padron before this one. Course the others were 1926 and 1964's. Any one else have xp with the...
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    Padron 1964 Vintage

    Just wondering what your opinions on the Padrons in general are, and specifically the 1964 vintage? Worth the money, or should I stick with Hemingways? Thanks, Cutter
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    Padron 1964

    If your interested in any of these, let me know before Thursday. On Friday I am sending what ever is left to someone interested in them. Cost is $9 + shipping. PM me if you want any! Won't be home today so expect a reply tonight or tomorrow morning. CC
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    Padron 1964 - F/S

    See Below for details -
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    1964 Padron Anniversary series

    What a great cigar. I went to my local Tinder Box and bought myself one of these. It was the torpedo maduro. Excellent cigar. No wonder it was rated so highly in CA. 91-92 Try it if you havn't, The shop owner recommended it while I was purchasing the fuente fuente Opux. He said it was even...
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    Padron 1964 Anniversary

    Oh. My. God. What else can I say. This was the first Padron 1964 I have smoked and it blew my mind. What a terrific smoke. Everything from the pre-light aroma to the nub (and I smoked this until I couldn't hold it in my fingers anymore) was absolutely amazing. Definately the best...
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    Padron Corticos

    I just finished a six pack of Padron Corticos. These little guys are about 1/2 inch wide and around 4 inches long. Hand rolled and full Padron 3000 taste. A nice 20 minute smoke. I paid $17.42 plus 5% Maryland sales tax. Total $18.29/6 cigars = $3.05 each. High price but a good short smoke...
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    padron like cigars

    i know this may be a repeat post but what cigars can i buy that taste similar to padron? i am always looking for new cigars and padron is my favorite. i love a good leather, coffee taste.
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    Diplama vs Padron by Malone

    Cigarsmoka & Macallan: Get ready there is bad news. I had the opportunity today to smoke the final two Diploma Maduros and one Padron 2000. My comparison is over and here is my best opinion.Due to the Diploma I had to change a few catagories to create a fair evaluation. Appearance- a tie at 8...
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    padron fumas

    i smoked a H. Uppman 2000 earlier and would have rather taken a turd from the toilet and lit her up. Now i partly blame this on the cigar being way over humidified. I have taken a puff from a friends 2000 on the golf course and been fine with it. the point of the story is i decided when i got...
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    Padron knockoffs

    I've been smoking cigars for two years. Must have tried 50 brands.The Padron 2000 is my favorite, but a little too expensive when smoking four a day.Is there a cheaper product out there that deliveres the same taste. Malone