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    Rocky patel autumn collection

    I just wondered if anyone had tried these cigars. I was considering getting a box of them, but wanted to hear someones opinion that had tried them. thanks
  2. B

    Rocky patel R4

    Well I am not a fan of Rocy patel cigars as a rule, but this was given to me buy a guy at the local shop. He got it as part of a deal on CI. I smoked it last week and forgot to post. Good cigar. I mean nothing to write home about but I did enjoy it. Fairly med in body. a little spice a litte...
  3. H

    Rocky Patel Fuma

    Anyone had one yet? How was it?
  4. V

    Rocky Patel Vintage Segundos

    Looking for some input on these. The vintage 1990 is becoming one of my favorite everyday cigar, but I can not afford $10/stick for a daily cigar. Instead of checking for deals non-stop I was contimplating getting a Mazo of 2nds. Anyone experienced these with some feedback?
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    Rocky Patel speaks on the cigar tax He is a very passionate man on this subject.
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    Rocky Patel question

    I love the Rocky Patel Edge - Toro in the Corojo wrapper. Lots of spice and full-bodied. On the other end of the spectrum I also love the Diamon Crown Robusto #5, (mild and smooth) and the Moore & Bode Flamboyan blends, also much more mild. Neither figure into my rotation much, in fact I have...
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    Rocky Patel Honduran Classic

    Anybody here tried these cigars? Like? Dislike? Love? Hate?
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    Rocky Patel Fusion Available?

    Well, it looks like the Fusion have finally come out based on the link on It seems, though, like the prices are a bit more than when previously announced. Has anyone out there got any yet?
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    First Look Rocky Patel OSG (One Time Only)

    Back in 02 when rocky wanted to make the Sun Grown, he originally made them at the UST factory. He made about 30000 cigars in the first batch and was ready to go full speed ahead. However, the factory was lost to General cigar in a law suit and he had to move and start over at another factory to...
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    Rocky Patel Nording

    anyone know anything about these, i hadnt heard of them, but stumbled across them so i ordered a few...guess it has a costa rican maduro wrapper, which i usually like quite a bit
  11. M

    Rocky Patel Cuban Blend

    Has anyone tried this line yet??
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    Rocky Patel Vintage 1992

    I've never been a big fan of Rocky Patel cigars. I've never understood the hype. But today I tried a Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 that's been sitting in my humidor for 6 months. True to form, it started out harsh, but about 1/3 of the way, it settled down into a wonderful, enjoyable smoke, with...
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    Rocky Patel Ltd. Edition Chest

    Cigars International has a 1 day deal on the Rocky Patel chest of 15 'A' size cigars for 60% off. There's 5 1990 vintage, 5 sungrown, and 5 of the Edge. I vaguely remember some people being interested in these at some point. Just letting you all know. Cigars International and are...
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    Diesel by Rocky Patel with MotoGP

    So i recieved a diesel over the weekend from agood friend of mine while i was in LA. Since i missed the opening race of MotoGP on sunday because i was out there, i figured i would smoke it while watching this extremely bittersweet race, tonight. Now even though i had very mixed feeling...
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    know anything thats similar to a Rocky patel 1992 reserve?

    just wondering ... i am a new cigar smoker only being at it for about a year.... i Love the rocky patel 1992 reserve.. the Padron 1964 is my second fav now! was let donw by the monticristo white's any way i want something similar to the RP 1992's any thing come to mind?
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    Rocky Patel Sampler

    I need four more people to go in on the RP Sampler with the coffins. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  17. M

    Rocky Patel Vintage Segundos

    Any one try these? How do they match up to the firsts? The seem like a much better value.
  18. A

    Rocky Patel Sungrown

    Guys, this promo is only on for another week. It is the best deal we will probably have on these for a long time.
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    Rocky Patel Seconds

    What is the scoop on Seconds? Found Edge Torpedo Maduros for half price $49.00 for box of 20 What issues to expect when purchasing seconds. I've had "student rolled" before which was trouble. Thanks Guys!
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    Rocky Patel at my local shop

    Hello: I thought I would let everyone here know that my local shop (Burning Leaf) had a Rocky Patel sales rep in store yesterda (Sat), and so my buddy and I stopped by to check it out. They had special offers and speical pricing, complimentary drinks and food. What an event. It seemed very...