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    Hello cigar people

    Hello from, Eastern Kentucky, never been on a cigar forum before but thought why not and had a question that I needed help with. Caught the cigar bug about 5 years ago at myrtle Beach SC. At a place called nicks cigar shop. Wanted something special to relax with and enjoy on vacation. Knowing...
  2. C

    How many people actually visit this forum?

    I've noticed that I (and others) are rerponding to threads that are up to 4 years old. Just wondering who actually still visits on a regular basis...
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    Wine cooler people?

    Any folks here using the Avanti wine cooler? How are you humidifying it? I picked up mine today and it's up and running. I have a pound of Heartfelt beads divided up in 2 half pound bags. I thought I'd put a half pound toward the top and 1 near the bottom. do you think this is enough? I...
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    People never cease to amaze me...

    this f*ckin sucks... so i go away for a week vacation home to ct and get back yesterday, while i was gone i received a delivery on 7/3 from cigarbid 3 CAO odysseys and 2 cuba aliados V.93' just now i go to the front desk to pick it up and its not there....thats odd, DHL says it was...
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    Coolerdor People

    For all of you coolerdor people, Radio Shack has a deal on the digital thermometer/hygrometer combo. It is usually 49.99. It is on sale in store only for 17.97 ... Id=2102585
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    Stupid things people say -

    Some guy bought a new fridge for his house. To get rid of his old fridge, he puts it in his front yard and hung a sign on it saying: "Free to good home. You want it, you take it". For three days the fridge sat there without even one person looking twice at it. He eventually decided that...
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    The first three people...

    to PM me their adress will recieve something special in the mail. Post first to claim your prize, then PM your addy.. Rich
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    You still have time to run for your life...leave here and dont look back......look at what the people here did to me....I started out with my nice 300 stick humi....then the people here forced me to buy a 70qt coolidor to hold all the sticks they forced me to buy....but no that wasnt enough then...
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    PA people

    Hey you Pa guys and gals I was watching the food channel and they went to a place called Dennys or dannys not sure....but this place served a 6lb burger and that was just the weight of the meat...the whole thing weighed a wopping 10lbs and if you can eat it all in 3 hrs its free 24.95 and...
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    Boston People?

    Any Boston people on here? I go to New England Conservatory in Boston, just about to head back tmrw for school. My friends and I love cigars and pipe (they love pipe, not me!) and usually buy our stuff from LJ peretis (sp) which is cheaper than cigar masters, since CM is a bar. If your...
  11. C

    Can you find me 3 dead people -

    - that died from second hand smoke? Here is a post from another board I thought very informative towards the fight against the smoking ban. (permission was given before I copied this)
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    Special places, people and

    ya know, I've been on the net pretty much since Al Gore invented it. I've spent alot of time at a computer for work so naturally, I have spent plenty of time on forums. Mostly gun forums. Most of those places, I rarely go to anymore. For that matter, I really don't spend much time on forums...
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    Beer People

    Three Floyds Darklord Imperial Stout... Anyone had? How available is it and where? I've heard great things about this beer, but PA is the closest state (to me in CT) to even have a bar that has any Three Floyds on tap.
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    Talk to the good people- Please

    Some of the best guys in the ( our) cigar business have backed off due to bull shit requests. The experts care about cigars and smoking enjoyment. Focus on cigars. Call me, or Bloof Or Caste Crst and a host of others. Please. Maone
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    Looking for people to weigh in on this business thought

    Hey Folks, My wife and I are thinking about expanding our business ventures and opening a large cigar/social club in the DC Metro area. My thoughts stem from a past smoke shop I used to frequent in Pittsburgh. My thoughts would include a very large walk in humidor carrying High end sticks...