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    Yo From Philly!

    I just joined this forum and wanted to say hello. I've been smoking cigars on and off for years and recently have been greatly enjoying trying different cigars! Loving the Acids Kuba Kuba and Fuentes.
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    In Philly

    Hey, everybody. I'm in Philly today for a doctor's appointment. I'm typing this in the hotel lobby. The wife and I are getting ready to go out to dinner. There is a cigar bar about a block from our hotel called Mahogany. I plan on checking it out after dinner. I would imagine I'm able to...
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    Law Threatens to Close 75% of Philly Cigar Shops

    Anti-tobacco legislation has posed yet another huge threat on our right to purchase and enjoy premium, handmade cigars. Currently, twenty-two states have already banned cigars in bars and certain restaurants in addition to putting various tobacco-related companies out of business. As of Tuesday...