1. Fernando Coelho

    Update to Posting Policy - Please Read

    Hi All, After some discussions with the forum staff, it was decided that the current posting policy needed revision. From this point forward, the staff of the forum will not restrict your posts about sales, deals, or other promotions that are on other websites or businesses. While the staff...
  2. R

    Desktop Pics (I can't sleep so i'm posting)

    Ha! You though you were gonna see a few pics of my humi lol Well here are some pics of my desktop wallpapers. Lets see what your wallpaper is?
  3. vince

    POSTING # 1000,!!

    Dammm how full of BS must I be ! 1000 posts here , plus all the posting on other sites, dammm do I have a case of diarrhea mouth ?hahaha Enjoy, Vince
  4. A

    Discussion on Joke Posting Rules

    how can there be a restriction on a joke containing tobaco in a CIGAR forum? lol