1. J

    Review on the CAO Cameroon Rabusto 5x50

    I’m going to score the cigar out of a possible 100 points in four parts. Which will be called The Pre Light, 1st third, 2nd third and 3rd third. Each category can get up to 25 points. Disclaimer: These are my opinions and are my own. I am an entry level cigar smoker. I hope this will...
  2. P

    New review

    So I'm new to forums been smoking for two years. I want to right reviews because I enjoy them so much and want to discribe them in words. I'm a consumer who enjoys smoking and do it as a hobby and passion. I know I'm not a pro but please take a look. This will be 1st of many posts to come if I...
  3. rmrdaddy

    El Triunfador No. 4 review

    Pete Johnson alternate line, pretty tasty, and in one of my favorite formats. Thanks for reading people!
  4. rmrdaddy

    2005 Hoyo de Monterrey Du Roi review

    Hey people! With the admins permission I'll be posting up some reviews I've done for cigars. I'm the Philadelphia Cigar Examiner for, I have about 40 reviews so far, but winter is a slowdown to be sure. I just smoked this 2005 Hoyo on Thanksgiving with a nice beverage...
  5. E

    Pipe Tobacco Review: Carter Hall

    I received a "luxury pouch" of this today in the mail and decided it would be as good a time as any to write a short review. The tobacco itself is cut fairly small and is a yellowish, tan color. The tobacco has a faint syrup-y aroma with a hint of honeydew melon. It is adequately humidified in...
  6. E

    Pipe Tobacco Review: MacBaren Plumcake

    Mac Baren Plumcake Don't let the name fool you! This isn't just a sickeningly sweet blend- this is rather a misnomer for a hearty, robust blend. INITIAL REVIEW: Tin Aroma: Latakia with a sweet rum and slight saltiness. Smoked two bowls, one that was right of out tin and one...
  7. T

    Nub Connecticut 460 review

    Tonight I tried out a Nub Connecticut 460, I loved this cigar. The draw was great, I thought it had a cedar/spice taste. It burned even the whole way down, and the ash didn't fall until it was about 1/2" from the band. It was consistent the whole time I smoked it. It lasted about 45 min and I...
  8. B

    blind trade/ review

    Mj and I are trading blind fiver.. only stipulation is they must be bands no hints.. time frame is open for the review because of time.. this will be fun! Wonder what will come from it! Any other blind trades.. this would be fun to put them here.. reviews are mandatory!
  9. B

    Blind review.

    I will send three people three samples. Lets say enough for three bowls. all you got to do is smoke it and post a review. and when all reviews are in we will find out what it is. I am not sure what we will gain form this, just sounds fun. So who is it going to be?
  10. N

    An Unclebeanz Review NOT by Bloofington

    I love the Bloof. And no, he is not Unclebeanz....LOL. I am. Here is the latest review of our Rainforest Alliance Naturally Grown low Caffeine coffee called Opus One.
  11. C

    Suggested Cigar Review Criteria

    This is a post from a friend of mine on the HCF site. thought it good information & should be posted here aas well! While we here at the Habano Cigar Family have always wanted to encourage every type of discussion about cigars, from a...
  12. R

    Review - Two Friends Celtic Mist

    I was going through some old files and found some cigar and pipe tobacco reviews. Here's one from the winter of 2005. Given the heat many are enduring now, I thought it might cool someone off. Celtic Mist - purchased 10/01 - opened Jan. 12, 2005 Well, got this out of the cellar about a...
  13. C

    A Review: Sorghum Beer

    Okay guys, I went out and tried something different. I picked up a six-pack of Anheuser Busch's Redbridge Sorghum Beer, Redbridge. I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. I knew that sorghum beer was popular in Africa. However, that style of beer differs greatly from...
  14. C

    Review Poll

    Okay, which one of the following cigars should I review next? Partagas Serie D No. 4 RASS RYJ Short Churchill Punch Petit Corona
  15. C

    Cuvee Grand Review

    As I write this, I am currently smoking the lastest incarnation of this cigar, number 01050. The cigar has a very dark wrapper with a wonderful prelight aroma. The wrapper is rough and veiny, but it is certainly rolled with great care. This lancero burns very well and even, and the ash falls...
  16. C

    Maduro Criollo - A review.

    Maduro Criollo I paired this cigar with some Kona Coffee & Bottled Water. Length 4&15/16ths + Pig Tail Ring Gauge 48 Wrapper – Maduro nice rich brown, silky & an oily sheen. I would not call this oily but more silk like. No big veins, no flaws in the wrapper. I tasted the wrapper...
  17. C

    Lars Teten "MOM" review

    After smoking approximately 400 cigars last year, I was looking for a little change of pace. Now, I am not one to usually smoke a flavored/infused cigar, but I needed something a little different. I had bought a box of Lt's a couple years ago, but haven't even opened the box in atleast a year...
  18. C

    Cuban Cohiba Siglo VI (review)

    At first glance I noticed how big it was incomparison to my normal Partagas SD4. Nice ring guage much the same compared to the Montecristo in my opinion. Felt nice and silky. I used a Xikor cigar cutter and snipped the end off. A perfect cut - I was a happy man. I gently smelled the cigar and it...
  19. B

    A Short, General Year End Review Of Forum Policies. . . .

    Some people like chocolate. Some people like vanilla. Some people like strawberry. Some people like banana low fat. And some like more than one, or even all. The inference should be clear. There are many "ball games" being played on the internet, and hence, many stadiums. One...
  20. B

    William Larue Weller Bourbon - Final Review . . .

    and new Top 25 list. From what I have been given to understand, this latest 121.9 barrel proof offering from the Van Winkle/Weller stable is actually the same whiskey as the Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 year old, Lot B, but instead of 90 proof, this is the pure form. And indeed, pure it is...