1. C

    Buena Vista hecho a mano short robusto

    My first cigar review as a starting cigar enthousisast. This is also my first longfiller cigar. I smoked some shortfiller cigars before "Balmoral" and "Hajenius". Any advice will be great to learn how to smoke and appreciate cigars and tips and tricks to do the tasting. Here we go! Time...
  2. S

    Don Mateo No. 7 Robusto

    So I snagged one of these at a San Diego area tobacco shop for about $2 when I was buying butane, and the tobacconer threw it in to make up enough for me to use my credit card since I had no cash. Under the circumstances, I was skeptical, but I figured I may as well try it. Appearance: It has a...
  3. M

    My 2nd Robusto / cigar ever!

    hello everyone, so last night i smoked my second cigar ever, i purchased 2 robustos, 5 inches, for $3 each, now my 1st one was decent, it wasn't anything big, it was my first time trying to toast it / light it... but the second one on the other hand... i must say was WAY MORE enjoyable then my...
  4. E

    Anyone tried a Padilla Hybrid Robusto

    Just wondering if anyone has tried a Padilla Hybrid Robusto? I found a good deal and was just wondering if they were good.
  5. R

    Graycliff Professionale Robusto

    Graycliff Professionale Robusto Blue label - with second band – Vintage 1999 Cmontgomery sent me a few cigars, this was among them. I had looked at these, but never pulled the trigger on one, as it I could get about 10 cigars for the cost of one of these if I shop the deals. Being an...
  6. C

    Gurkha Expedition Robusto

    Hi all, I got sent a box of these by mistake. Has anyone had any experiance with them. I may end up keeping them, just wanted a little input befor cracking open the plastic around the box. Craig
  7. phisherman

    Padilla Robusto Maduro

    Last night I had a Padilla Maduro Robusto. The cigar was firm in hand and had no soft spots what so ever. It had no sheen or oils present on the wrapper that was dark chocolate in color with a couple of small veins. I clipped the head with my plastic double guillotine and noticed a good draw...
  8. H

    Padilla Hybrid Robusto Deal

    I'm sure many of you already get notification of this, but if not pm me for link to a great deal on these sticks...i believe the deal ends by tomorrow...
  9. T

    Fuente Opus X Robusto

    What are four Fuente Opus X Robusto worth? ... &rd=1&rd=1 [/url] Travis
  10. A

    Another Surprise For Robusto Lovers!!

    When the one day deal goes live I have an additional small surprise. I just found a few dozen or so samples that I frankly dont remember ever making but I have to get rid of them. It is insane how cheap it will be. 1 x Cusano Corojo Robusto 1 x Cusano 18 Robusto 1 x Cameroon...
  11. phisherman

    Cu-Avana Maduro Series Robusto

    Has anyone tried these? Or any Cu-Avana cigars
  12. H

    REO Robusto= WOW

    this stick was fantastic, i cannot say a bad thing about it wrapper was gorgeous, great, uniform construction, burned completely even the whole way, no canoe, tunnel or relight needed, just perfect... beginning was sweet sweet and quite mild, once the middle third came around it had a...
  13. A


    Gents, The wait is over. They are online and ready for immediate shipping. Release the hounds. :lol: By the way they are like the corona, only better. :D
  14. N

    Memorial Weekend Robusto's

    All weekend smoked robusto's. Winners were: 1st-Diploma 2nd-Oliva Ole & others 3rd-Padron 2000,3000 Malone
  15. C

    Anarchy (private label by Camacho) robusto

    What does this cigar cost???? Anarchy (private label by Camacho) robusto Thanks! CC
  16. C


    Here is a sneak peak at the new Liberty amendment due out next year...not much to look at, but definatley different then this years Liberty. :D
  17. M

    C10 Robusto

    Just smokedthe C10 Robusto prototype that is going to realease later this year. We are in for a real treat. I love the Corona that came out at the RTDA last year and the new robusto is even better. Keep your eye out for them, I am sure they will get high marks.
  18. C

    Gran Habano Corojo #5 Gran Robusto Review

    Appearance and Construction: 15/15 Appearance: A rich and oily, dark brown wrapper with an intense, solid, very dense feel. Construction: Solid all around construction with a triple cap and an even burn the entire way down. A slow but beautiful draw. Flavor and Body...