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    Salt test question please help

    I recently bought a humi care digital hygrometer. I have an analog one now but wanted to make sure it was reading correctly as I hear that digital is the way to go. After letting my new digital sit for 24 hours( salt test ) it reads 63%. When I caliberated my analog it read 79% after 24 hours...
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    Weekly Salt Testing!

    If we all get together every Tuesday night (6pm) we can sync up our Salt test!:idea: JOKE! CC :roll: Seriously - how often do you guys do this? I stopped checking after I got the beads or using a hygro for that matter. If my cigars feel...
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    Utah - Salt Lake City

    Hey there fellow Cigar friends. Wondering if anyone on this forum is in the Salt Lake area?? Planning a cigar party for the club 'ghost smoke' and want to invite all in the area.... TIA Capino
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    Salt Test - 48 hours and counting??

    Hi all, So I just got a digital thermometer/hygrometer and I was running it through the salt test. I saw the humidity climb steadily over the first 15 hours until it hit about 69%. I thought, OK, so it's -6%. But after 24 hours it was up to 70%. This morning it was 71% and now it's up...
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    salt test ?

    I have read 2 different readings on the salt test. 1 say's 70% the other say's 75%. Which one is correct? Thanks
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    The - Salt Test 101

    Cigars taste best when they are kept at the right RH. RH stands for Relative humidity. It is important to test your hygrometers for accuracy. This is done by something called a salt test. Salt test is pretty simple to do, here is how I do it: Take a plastic bottle cap and fill it with...