1. B

    Looking for American cigar recommendations in San Francisco?

    Hi All Newbie Here. I have been smoking cigars for a while and enjoy a wide range from Alec Bradley Black Market to Prensada. R&J Wide Churchill to Bolivar I prefer the larger ring gauge Cigar and have never visited the USA before and am going to San Francisco soon, what is a nice...
  2. S

    Season Special in San Diego, CA

    Max Tobacco in La Mesa (San Diego) are have 50% off on all premium cigars rocky patel, monte cristo, Acid, Cohiba, Arturo fuente, romeo and juliet, etc.. 6124 Lake Murray Blvd La Mesa, CA 91942 b/t El Paso St & Dallas St in La Mesa Get Directions Phone number (619) 465-4577
  3. S

    For Sale: 50% off Premium Cigars San Diego

    Max Tobacco in La Mesa, California (San Diego County) has great deals on all premium cigars. They have a humidor and a large selection of premium cigars. everything is 50% off. They have Rocky Patel, Monte Cristo, Gurkha, Romeo and Juliet, Cohiba, Acids, and many other premium cigars...
  4. elidog

    San Cristobal Monumento

    For me the name of this cigar was perfect as it was a monumental failure in every aspect of my smoking experience. To be honest I am a Pepin fiend so I had a very high expectation for this cigar. Place: Front porch with Eli Beverage: Makers Mark, one elbows worth. Had a wonderful meal of...
  5. N

    San Diego Cigar Enthusiats Meetup Group!

    Sign up here:
  6. T

    Anyone from San Fransisco?

    I've never been to California, I live a sheltered life I guess. But I'm heading down there the week of Aug 20th-25th for some JBoss training. Anyone near by that wants to get together and smoke a few cigars? Or any recommendations for any must see attractions, cigar related or otherwise...
  7. phisherman

    '01 and '06 San Cristobal de La Habana El principe

    This is a copy of a review I posted on HCF. I would like to share it with everyone who does not visit there. This review was split between two nights; Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday '01 SCDLH El Principe 4.29X42 Appearance colorado colored wrapper with little to no vein and a nice...
  8. K

    Sit Down in San Diego

    Hey Folks: If anyone is interested in being in the presence of two of the greatest people of your time - Barcochris and I are planning to meet up in San Diego on Saturday, March 10th. We don't have the details ironed out, but I am sure our peeps will get you all the information that you...
  9. D

    Anyone in the San Diego area?

    Anyone from the San Diego / Oceanside area and interested in getting a sitdown together? I've never been to one nor do I know how to organize one, so any suggestions would be helpful.
  10. D

    Anyone in San Diego County?

    I was wondering if anyone is living in the Oceanside/Carlsbad/San Clemente area and could tell me of any cigar clubs in the area or would like to start one? I'm in Oceanside, on Camp Pendleton. I'm new to smoking and would like to know more. Let me know.
  11. C

    San Diego cigar spots?

    Hey guys, Going to San Diego in a couple of weeks. Any spots I should check out down there? I guess I'm staying near Black Mountain.
  12. A

    Anyone been to San Francisco?

    Saturday morning I'm making the 8 hr (if I were to follow the 65 and 70 mph limit that's posted out here :wink: ) drive up to Berkeley to help my brother move out of his dorm for the summer. Then I'll be shooting over to S.F. to look for an apartment to stay in while I go through my culinary...