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    Glad I found a place to share my love for cigars!

    Hey everyone, New to the site. Really excited to get some cool convos going.
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    Had to share my excitement

    Well I'm bursting at the seams with this upcoming Thursday. You see Torano is going to be at my local shop and they're brining a roller to roll cigars. I can't wait and it's making me have trouble sleeping with all the excitement. I just thought I'd share it with you. Anyways it's 5AM and I...
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    just thought id share about a great night i had

    and yes, its 3:00 am and i've had a bit to drink first, went to teatro goldoni which is a fantastic restaurant in d.c. which serves italian food in the venetian tradition, my fiancees freind works there and we got HOOKED up, prolly near a $200+ bill for 75 bux, food was fantastic, had a...
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    For my first thread, i figured id share my current Inventory

    well, atleast the list that is :P i still need to do some more "lookin up" to fill in the blanks and fix some things that are incorrect...anyone else keep an inventory list like this? i just started keeping one with my recent new restocking, humi was previously empty for a while as i was...