1. C

    Buena Vista hecho a mano short robusto

    My first cigar review as a starting cigar enthousisast. This is also my first longfiller cigar. I smoked some shortfiller cigars before "Balmoral" and "Hajenius". Any advice will be great to learn how to smoke and appreciate cigars and tips and tricks to do the tasting. Here we go! Time...
  2. H

    Short what?

    This person is talking about cigar sizes...and mentions a "short...something"....can you tell me what he's saying? Short what?
  3. C

    Brand that always falls short

    Was curious as to what other peoples opinions are on certain cigar brands that always seem to disappoint. Before I get this thread started I want to stress that this is not a platform for bashing any labels, brands or manufacturers. Thats not my reason for starting this, I am just curious what...
  4. B

    A Short, General Year End Review Of Forum Policies. . . .

    Some people like chocolate. Some people like vanilla. Some people like strawberry. Some people like banana low fat. And some like more than one, or even all. The inference should be clear. There are many "ball games" being played on the internet, and hence, many stadiums. One...
  5. C

    Days of Short Story and Coffee are all gone....

    I woke up yesterday morning to 3 inches of snow and 15 degrees. This morning, 3 inches of snow and 10 degrees, with a wind chill of -10 Degrees. I think I am going to have to wait until May for my Short Story and coffee ritual to start again!!
  6. R

    Now heres a coffee for your short story in the morning!!!! Should we chip in a get some?????
  7. R

    A question about short term humidity...

    If I had a friend bring some cigars to me from a said country. Would they stay fresh for over a week in 2 ziplock bags with a few humipacks?
  8. S

    Mild Short smoke?

    Hello everyone. I just recently started smoking cigars. Can anyone recomend a good mild short smoke. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. cybrus

    Short Story

    This is probably a dumb question, but for cigars that don't have an open foot, like the Short Story, are you supposed to just light up the end or should you trim it somehow?
  10. A

    Short Army Stories!

    Since there was a demand from someone for more military stories, here is a thread for us military personel to entertain you with our adventures! Enjoy! :rnr: Well, I did my advanced training after I completed my time at Sandhurst and my first session was specialising in a jungle...