1. F

    2/23 Radio Show

    I just wanted to drop a quick line to say that I really enjoyed the 2/23 Radio Show. I think it was the best show yet. Very entertaining!! I wish that Tim & Donny could do a weekly show. Good Stuff ! :D
  2. A

    New Radio Show

    Live with Jose Blanco
  3. A

    Radio Show

    Not sure if you guys have tuned in yet, but the show from last week had special guest Ernesto Padilla. This week we are having Tim Ozgener from CAO. If you guys have any questions for him, email before the end of the day. Enjoy.
  4. C

    Show us your humidor pictures...

    Okay, I'll start first with a shameless plug...
  5. A

    New Radio Show

    Be sure to tune into this weeks episode. There is a great bit on cigars being made in Miami by Pepin Garcia (tatuaje, padilla miami). I actually just smoked a reviewed the Don Pepin Garcia line on my blog today and I have some notes that I posted a while ago on the Padilla Miami. Just a tid...
  6. K

    the cigar dave show

    does anyone else get this on their local talk radio station? I dont get it live and i was wondering if there is somewhere online where i could listen live. I would love to have the chance to call up and ask questions that are on topic. i get it in Akron on AM 640 on sunday nights.
  7. A

    Show us Your Humidor

    Guys, I still need a collection to feature for the second issue of our catalog. If you want to be in, email with pics of your collection.
  8. Spider66

    Show us your pets!

    I know this has nothing to do with cigars, but I have heard so many of you mention your pets, that I thought it would be cool to see them. Here are mine: Wallace Molly
  9. M

    Chapelle Show Back???

    Anyone else heard this rumor? That would make my day. I thought the days of Tyrom Biggims where dead.
  10. C

    Bobberrific show up at the Castle

    Bob & I shared a couple smokes yesterday here at my home. Was very nice in person - very much like here on the boards. He smoked a Monte "C" & then moved on to a Monte #2 The Monte #2 seemed to be his favorite. I smoked a Monte "C" and a Edmundo both were excellent. Sorry he is leaving...
  11. A

    show the goods

    i never did get around to showing the goods so here are some pics! heres a couple pics of the master blends churchill box, this thing is beautiful! it even comes with a little screw driver to take the lid off and hang it.
  12. B

    show the goods

    I enjoy reading everyones posts, but lets see the goods! I figured since i am putting up pics of my coolerdor i might as well put up pics of everything, including my current drink selection. now you all need to put up your pics. oh...