1. L

    Siglo mystery

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum, and have a question for the expert's. I was gifted a cigar from a very avid collector, and I'm puzzled what it is. It has a yellow tube with a dark blue top on the cap, it's has SIGLO in a silver band around the cap with limited reserve in italics below that...
  2. S

    For Sale: Fuente Opus X Destino al Siglo Lancero

    Fuente Opus X Destino al Siglo Lancero 10PCS. w/original Box $199 Sale to include 1PC. Opus X Angel Share Robusto
  3. S

    Siglo VI ~ Anyone have one?

    I about to crack open my box of Siglo VI's from the release 8 years ago! What should I expect!??
  4. M

    Cohiba Siglo VI and Romeo Y Julieta No 1 and 2

    Hey Not sure how much this forum is checked out, so thought I would give myself some more scope to sell and also post in the general forum. I have Cohiba Siglo VI (6", 2 of) and Romeo Y Julieta No.1 and No.2 Cigars for sale, in the classifieds forum...
  5. M

    For Sale: Cohiba Siglo VI & Rome Y Julieta No1 and 2

    Hi I have some Cigars I brought back from Cuba, and would like to sell them if anyone is interested: Cohiba Siglo VI 6" (I have two of these) - £15 each Romeo Y Julieta No.1 5.5" - £8 Romeo Y Julieta No.2 5" - £6 Each in their respective aluminium tubes. Posted recorded post...
  6. B128thopen

    Cohiba Siglo VI ~ Gran Reserva

    I was given 2 of these by a good friend the other day. Purchased from a reputable store we all know and buy from. This is quite possibly the greatest cigar I will ever have the pleasure of smoking! I am usually not a Cohiba fan. They are usually a little strong for me. This cigar is not like...
  7. C

    Cuban Cohiba Siglo VI (review)

    At first glance I noticed how big it was incomparison to my normal Partagas SD4. Nice ring guage much the same compared to the Montecristo in my opinion. Felt nice and silky. I used a Xikor cigar cutter and snipped the end off. A perfect cut - I was a happy man. I gently smelled the cigar and it...