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    "Standard" size......

    When you try a new brand for the first time, either by random, or by way of review or ad, what size do you go to for your first tasting?
  2. H

    Size Matters

    Yes, size does matter. I'm by no means a seasoned cigar smoker, I'm truly a beginner, however, it is common sense to me that the different sizes of the smokes make for different tastes and experiences. More filler, less filler, more wrapper, ring gauge, etc. I need a 101 on what the sizes...
  3. K

    does size matter?

    get your minds out of the gutter. im talking about a humidor. will a larger humidor inherently keep humidity better than a smaller one even if the same type of humidification device is used in both?
  4. R

    ring size

    what the different between larger and smaller ring sizes
  5. J

    cigar size

    i've only been smoking cigars for about a year now. being a large guy (6'4" 325lbs.) i tend to smoke large sizes like churchills and double coronas. is there any difference in taste and quality in the difference sizes. what size is your favorite?
  6. S

    Advice on size for a case

    OK gents, here's the situation: I need to know what size would be the best to use for a travel cigar case for a vacation in an area where cigars would be available. Would you start with a case that holds 5, 10, 15, or 18 cigars? What would be the best size for a day on the 'green'(rifle range...
  7. A

    ring size measurement

    why do they measure the cigar ring size in american measuring? im pretty sure every one else uses metric. it would be a lot easyer to measure cigar ring size in mm. i assumed it was measured in mm by the circumference, not the diameter. that would be more accurate. it would be easyer to...