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    To smoke or not to smoke?

    Just Got these batch #18 of 1800. Torn between smoking or waiting to see if value increases. Thoughts? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. K

    Rainy day smoke.

    You know the saying, "Save it for a rainy day."? I am a firm believer in it. I smoke primarily out on my deck while it's rainy. Tonight is no different. There is something calming and pure about rain. So a nice full cigar and a quality blended Scotch. Blended? Yes, I know. This is the only...
  3. N

    New sticks, time before you smoke one

    Just curious as to what the general consensus is when it comes to how long you let your cigars rest/sit in your humidor before you smoke them? I just purchases a box, +10 other ones, and put them in a over humid humidor to compensate the dryness I assume they were. I typically purchase offline...
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    What did you smoke today?

    Las Cabrillas Cortez- very mild Bahia Gold Maduro toro- mild both with a couple of bottles of Raging Bitch beer (8.3%) after work
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    Groupon: Famous Smoke Shop
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    Today's smoke

    Rainy miserable day, but I decided to smoke a Gurkha monogram after lunch. I had one a month or two ago and wasn't impressed. Today's was much better and I'm glad I have a few more. After dinner I thought about another, but decided on a pipe instead.
  7. B

    Cigar Smoke

    I like cigars.
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    Free 5-pack with Dea Cigars! Rated 92 in Smoke Mag

    Today's Email Specials from: WWW.MDCIGARS.COM These specials are good from October 26th to November 7th or while supplies last! Click on the link below to see the specials in HTML Dea cigars will be celebrating their 2 year anniversary soon. Dea...
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    Job offer celebration smoke

    I received a job offer for a maintenance manager position in Portales, NM. Eastern part of the state, just across from Texas border. Great climate, high plateau, 355 days of sunshine, great offer, so I celebated with: Fuentes , Reserva XtraViejo, aged 2 years in my humidor. Perfect smoke...
  10. C

    Celebratory Smoke for Promotion

    Well, Walgreens finally gave me the promotion I've been after for four long months. My wife is graduating with her Masters in Nursing today, so I've got two good reasons to celebrate. So I need you mooks to help me pick a celebratory cigar. Here's what I'm thinking: Cohiba Sublime EL 04...
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    Length of smoke

    I'm still a newbie. An old newbie. A really inquisitive old newbie. Whenever I 'get into' a new area of interest I generally research the hell out of it so I can know as much as I can absorb about it. So, here's a question I haven't yet seen addressed in the forum: Suppose we start with two...
  12. B

    Anybody smoke with there significant other?

    I got my wife to try a Cusano 18 maduro, but she did not like it much. She has told me that she will try a pipe as well. Anybody else get to smoke with there significant other? Any funny stories?
  13. C

    What Havana did you smoke today?

    This is a great place to talk about the great Havanas you have smoked. Any info is great, box codes and what ever other pertinant info you may have!!!
  14. T


    Ok here is a question I have been unable to find an answer to. What makes some cigars have such a thick white smoke and some such a light see through smoke? I am smoking a CAO Criollo right now and the smoke is almost a solid in the air it is very dense. What causes the difference?
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    Favorite Medium Bodied Smoke

    I want to hear all of the favorite stix for medium body cigars out there! I'm lookin to buy some and I want some input from some seasoned herfers!!
  16. H

    Your Wedding Smoke...

    Well...I'm about to jump in the shower, and my pre-wedding smoke of choice is actually some pipe tobacco. Safe Harbor. Don't know what I'm going to smoke later yet...maybe that 5 Vegas Miami Shaggy Foot I've been saving. What smokes did you have on your wedding day?
  17. F

    Chicago Big Smoke Cancelled!

    I just read that the new Illinois law forbidding a person to smoke in a private establishment has no exemptions. Therefore, the Big Smoke in Chicago has been cancelled. So much for freedom!
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    Las Vegas Big Smoke

    I will be going to the CA Big Smoke in Las Vegas in November. Attending the Friday night event. And attending the full schedule of seminars this year. Anyone else going to be in town?
  19. G

    Smoke Jumper Coffee

    I just noticed the is selling this coffee has anyone tried it?
  20. L

    Big Smoke NYC '07

    Anyone going to the CA Big Smoke NYC this year? I'll be at the evening session with a few people again.