1. J

    Smokers Club

    Hey guys, StogieBoys has a smokers club available and I think it's worth a look. You can get free shipping and 5% off every order you place. Plus, you get cigars and accessories every month as a member. You also start with a humidor. Follow the link for more info...again, it's worth a look...
  2. Should I Smoke This

    WELCOME, FELLOW CIGAR SMOKERS! ...enjoy the vids

    What's up I'm the new guy on the block but not new to smoking cigars. Really excited about being on here and looking forward to chatting with you all about our passion / hobby. Gotta love that cigar culture. As a side note, I recently started a YouTube Channel featuring...
  3. M

    Must view this thread !!! For all cigar smokers

    GOOD AFTER NOON GUYS, THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOUR ON A COMPUTER if you need something thing classy to enjoy your wonderful cigars.... open up your web browser, turn up the volume, and Play all at once Step 1: Step 2...
  4. S

    Do cigar smokers have an affinity for "OTC's"?

    In the pipe world, there are many blends that are available at drug stores, or found at gas stations/convenience stores. Many pipe smokers stand by these classics, and for good reason. My favorite is probably Half and Half. I ask this because I remember my father smoking Dutch Masters...
  5. G

    Any Hookah Smokers out there?

    Just wondering? A friend of mine brought me back a Hookah upon his return from the Middle East (he is "contract security"). We use to work together (before he started contracting) and after attending my first yearly Company Christmas party at a Lebonese Resturant (complete with Lebonese Band...
  6. F

    CT Supreme Court Sides Rules Against Smokers

    The Supreme Court of CT ruled against restaurant and bar owners today. The R & B owners filed a suit saying that since the Casinos and private clubs could continue to allow smoking, they were being unfairly discriminated against. The Court did not care that their businesses had seen 20-50%...
  7. C

    Cigar smoke that non-cigar smokers like and dislike

    Avgeek made a comment in another thread about being told three times in the last year that someone else liked the smell of his cigar. I started thinking and I could recall a few times that I had been complimented on the smell of whatever I was smoking at the time. Mostly my g/f will remark on a...
  8. P

    Calling all Austin Cigar smokers!

    I am going to be in Austin for 3 weeks (10/15-11/?) and I am looking for places to enjoy, w/ and w/o a cigar. Any suggestions? What are the smoking laws? Any events? Anyone interested in enjoying a smoke w/ me? I am there for training and have classes from 1am to 7:30am ( I know weird)...
  9. Spider66

    pipe smokers?

    I know of at least a couple of you who smoke a pipe as well as cigars... I have receintly taken up the pipe myself, and have to say it is a completely different smoking experiece for me. The taste and aroma is quite different from cigars as is the smoking pace. Anyway, I was just wondering how...
  10. M

    Question For Cuban Smokers

    I have been eyeing the H Upmann Coronas Major Tubes and the Hoyo Coronations tubes. They seem unusually less expensive. Are they machine made or something????
  11. C

    Looking for fellow cigar smokers

    Just curious if anyone lived in the Columbus, Ohio area. My buddy, Rich, and I are the only guys I know who smoke. Anyone else out there? If so, where do you go with the smoking ban?
  12. C

    I need input from cigar smokers and fashionable tie wearers

    My name is Stuart Hotchkiss and I am neckwear designer. For those of you who might be interested in a new cigar necktie design, I would appreciate your help in narrowing down the list of possibilities. First of all, it might be great just to pay tribute to as the premier purveyor of...
  13. B

    VA area smokers?

    Just checking to see if we have any VA area smokers here. I'm in the Norfolk area.
  14. B

    pipe smokers

    i know there are a few of you who smoke a pipe so i ask what blends do you smoke, how often, how many pipes do you have, do you have pipes for certain blends, any blends you highly recommend, what is your favorite blend and what tobaccos are in it and why is it your favorite? ok thats enough...
  15. M

    Question For The Habanos Smokers

    Castle, I am especially interested in hearing your thoughts on this. I read a great article in the most recent issue of smoke which was an interview with Don Alejandro Robaina. In there they quatoed a statistic that only 10% of leaf grown in cuba is used for habanos and the rest goes to...
  16. B

    gar smokers in arizona

    where you at?