1. M

    Just started smoking cigars

    So I have been smoking cigars for about two months now. I have been trying different sticks trying to find a couple that I really like better than the rest . But this is my question, with a couple different sticks after I light them they will get real mushy . Why? I have bought a humidor and it...
  2. R

    Am I Smoking Anything Good?

    Guys I have had a few cigars over the years but am now trying at least 1 stick a day. I have been ordering Sampler Packs for the last year from various places in the US. I am in Canada. I have found a few cigars that I really liked. The sort that you wish there was another 10 min's in them and a...
  3. DamnYouKennedy

    Smoking In Seattle

    Hello fellow cigar hobbyist from Seattle,WA. I'm almost 54 now and started smoking cigars on my 50th birthday. After about a year I started to explore the pipe smoking hobby and am currently a member of the Seattle Pipe Club as well. I'm always looking to learn something new about the hobbies...
  4. K

    Best Electronic Cigar for smoking in the house

    I love to smoke with friends and family and sometimes on my own when I need to relax and slow things down, but I always am forced to smoke outside. I've tried one electronic cigar and enjoyed it while it lasted. Does anyone know which disposable electronic cigar would be best for a good price...
  5. A

    What should I expect when smoking a white owl for the first time?

    I'm smoking for the first time and it'll be a white owl grape cigarillo. What should I expect to happen? (There is no weed in it just tabacoo)
  6. Z

    what do you do while smoking?

    hey guys first post on the site, and recently a week ago i had my first cigar. it wasnt much, a backwood gas station cigar. i enjoyed it alot, while me and a buddy were fishing. since then i have had a different cigar every night and i am loving it. what do you guys do while smoking that...
  7. Dustinl

    Seasonal smoking

    How do you guys smoke during the winter? I smoke outside only. My wife loves the smell of cigars, but I still choose to only smoke outside. We have an enclosed back porch that I have converted into my cigar lounge. I say enclosed, more like screened. No mosquitos can get in. I usually take a...
  8. M

    MD Cigars brings you a smoking hot deal every day of the wee

    Have you seen our specials lately? MD Cigars brings you a smoking hot deal every day of the week! Click on the link below to see our daily deals. This week's Friday Night Tasting Special! We always try to give something back to our customers, so every...
  9. B

    the cost of pipe smoking

    this is a post for Joseph at the Smokers Forum. copied with his permission. The Cost of Pipe Smoking I started smoking a pipe after many years of occassional cigar smoking. Although I still enjoy a cigar from time to time, I find myself drawn more to my pipes recently for a number of...
  10. SpecialEd

    Pipe Smoking 101?

    Filters, yea or nay? Do you break in a new pipe by smoking progressively larger bowls? How hot should the outside of the bowl get? Bubbling/blistering of the finish on the outside of the bowl is caused by what exactly? (I know it's too hot but...) How long does your average bowl last...
  11. biggeek69

    Alabama Senate Democrats Endorse No Smoking Bill

    This is a developing story...
  12. A

    after smoking some "good" stix. . .

    ima newb, but after smoking stix for a couple of months, i have decided that cigarettes are an insult to tobacco
  13. T

    Funny smoking laws

    This is a pretty neat read.
  14. P

    smoking Ban in Valparaiso IN

    Well the smoking ban is here. The bars in the area have to choes to be a bar. Most the bars here offer family dinning. If the bar choeses to be a bar no one under 18 can be in the bar but if they choes to be a family restarunt then there is to be no smoking. I didn't go to the bars that often...
  15. C

    So I quit smoking

    cigarettes that is. Finally. I woke up two weeks ago and said the hell with it. No urges, cravings or hangover at all. Once in a while I smoke a Torano Gold mini-cigar in the morning but I am closing that habit out as well. At the moment I smoke seven or eight cigars a week, that will not change...
  16. B

    Smoking ban in Iceland

    Ok, so it may not matter to many ... ... _id=283068
  17. G

    North Carolina?: Statewide smoking ban gains support

    The Charlotte Observer: On Tuesday, the House voted 113-4 in favor of a bill that would further restrict smoking in state and local government buildings. The General Assembly banned smoking in its buildings last year and, in a landmark vote two years ago, agreed to raise the excise tax on...
  18. G

    Restraining Smoking Threatens Social Stability..

    Mar 7, 2007 — BEIJING (Reuters) - China's stability could be threatened if the government tried to curb smoking, a senior official said on Wednesday at a discussion of the annual meeting of parliament."Smoking harms people's health, but restraining smoking threatens social stability," said Zhang...
  19. I

    My Smoking Room... Finally.

    Well guys and gals, here it is. Way over budget and much later than I hoped, but done anyway. I still have one more picture to put up above the shelf, but I have to wait for that to get printed up. I also would like to put a leather club chair and ottoman in, but for now the lawn chair works...
  20. G

    Calgary to ban smoking outdoors...

    After being the last major Canadian city to ban smoking indoors, Calgary may become the first to prohibit it outdoors, if city council passes a bylaw today. ... 98&k=10651