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    Need: Suggestions on setting up a smoking room (Basement)

    Well Winter in NY is coming very soon. I moved into my new house about 2 months ago. This one has a 1/2 basement. I would like to take that basement and turn it into a comfortable (a light jacket)smoking area. It is currently unfinished and it will probably stay that way for a little longer...
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    When did you start smoking Cigars?

    I haven't seen a thread like this, and it'd be good for all of us new folks to chime in on. I'll start: I started smoking gas station cigars about 3 years ago :cry: (only once in a while!) Then started smoking premiums a little over a year ago, and have loved 'em since. For the record...
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    Smoking Cigars in Iraq

    This story really hit home. God bless every man and woman protecting us.,2933,194726,00.html
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    SC latest state to debate ALL smoking!!!

    I sure hope this doesn't pass! If it does, we might see a wave of new cigar bars! That would be a loop hole in the law. :evil:
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    I have to quit smoking!

    My doctor has advised me to quit smoking (do to a health problem) You can imagine how this is eating at me - I have decided to break my cigar collection into 4 groups. I will be selling each group by private bidding only. The first 10 people to post on this thread will be allowed to bid...
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    Quit smoking

    Hey everybody. Today is day one of me quitting smoking. Cigarrettes of course. Wish me luck. Oh and I thought I'd throw in som pics of my motivation. If I quit smoking I can buy more sticks to fill my emptying humi. :D
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    My smoking room -

    Here are a few pictures of the Cabinets I'm building and my smoking lounge - Yes it has the I live here with my 3 dogs look!
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    Free Ebook on smoking cigars

    found this great ebook for anyone interested ... oking.html
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    New Jersey smoking ban

    For anyone in NJ, if you haven't heard, Codey is going to vote in the smoking ban for restaurants and bars. It will take effect Jan 1st, but won't affect casinos.
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    Smoking Experience

    I went to my girlfriends work x-mas party the other day and of course it was a "No Cigars" place while everyone huffed down cigarettes. I asked my waitress, and since I didn't believe her no, I asked the bartender... he said "It's bad enough that we have to breathe cigarettes all night, let...
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    Most restrictive smoking regs in the country

    Gee I love how people want to regulate my life away :roll: Washington passed a law that from my understanding now it will close cigar bars and no more smoking in cigar shops. You have to be 25' from any entrance or ventilation. Theres more, but I can't remember it all. JHiggs, well I...
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    Hunger after smoking

    Do you guys experience strong hunger after chiefin' down a stick? Ive found that after smokin, I have this massive appetite. I dont ever eat in the mornings, and usually just have a couple cups of coffee, and when I smoke a stick, about halfway through, Im starving! Im never hungry in the...
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    Funny story about getting sick from smoking!

    When ever I here a tale of people turning green from smoking I recall and evening here at the Castle. This goesback 4 years ago. A friend of mine shot a Buffalo (somewhere?) & brought home lots of meat home. I purchased a bunch and Misa (My Wife) & I invite some friends out to a Buffa"Q"...
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    What to drink while smoking.

    My first post. this is a tale of 2 Cusano C18s. The first one was wonderful, very smooth and creamy. I forgot what I was drinking at that time, most likely a Brooklyn or Victory beer. Last night I had the Cusano with some iced tea. I found that I didn't enjoy the cigar nearly as much as...
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    Cigar smoking team

    I just came home from fluke fishing and while I was there, I saw a guy with a United States Beer Drinking Team t shirt. I think we need United States Cigar Smoking Team shirts!
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    Sunday Afternoon...What Are You Smoking ?

    I'm just relaxing with an 8yr old Cohiba Esplindido's and very hot cup of coffee (Folgers) , while watching Red River with John Wanye, no Wife here right now( thankgod she's in church ). Oh did i mention that my cofee is spiked with some good ol Johhny Walker Red
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    Surf Smoking today~!

    We 8am and I'm out the door heading to the jersy shore for some surf fishing and cigar smoking! Never really did any surf casting & Misa's dad has never done any ocean fishing. So it should be interesting :? We are going to some where near Kearny or something like that? As for smokes...
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    Smoking 101?

    You guys have been a big help with getting me started right in cigars. There's a wealth of info on lighting, cutting, and storing your cigars. But there's not really that much on the actual smoking of a cigar. How to hold it, ensure you're not inhaling(while drawing on the cigar)...
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    smoking bans

    I live in St Louis. The county here is making a serious attempt to ban smoking in all public places. Beside my own personal love of cigars, I am insulted by what I regard as an assault on personal freedom. This a tyranny of the majority on a relatively small (and politically incorrect)...
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    Closing Arnolds smoking tent in California

    The California Democrats have introduced and passed a bill through one house outlawing outdoor smoking where there are enclosures on all sides. This was done effectively to challange Governor Arnold. His response is below. I love it. “As long as I’m at the Capitol, I will be smoking my...