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    Just started smoking cigars

    So I have been smoking cigars for about two months now. I have been trying different sticks trying to find a couple that I really like better than the rest . But this is my question, with a couple different sticks after I light them they will get real mushy . Why? I have bought a humidor and it...
  2. N

    First Box Pass Of The Year Has Started:

    This thread is started so we can get all the information right at the beginning and not scroll through 4 pages. It is also where we are going to post our puts/takes. I'm looking for 12 people to join the first box pass of the year. You need 30 posts and at least 2 Good Trader Posts. We will be...
  3. B

    Getting started

    I'm just seriously getting into this wonderful little hobby? lifestyle? something? and I have a question about the humidors I am looking at. Is there any advantage/disadvantage to a glass top humidor vs. a regular wooden top? My humi most likely won't be set in direct sunlight, but I'm not...
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    Just gerring started

    I am getting started to get the hoby of cigars. I just bought asmall humidor (50 cigars give or take) I have read about seasoning, what is that how do I do it. I am also learning what I like, one thing that I really like are Macanudos. can anybody suggest other things to try? also any other...
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    Let's get this started!

    What? No refined wine drinkers out there? :shocked: Has anyone had a red by Gregg Norman (yes, the golfer)? Bought a case a couple of years back. Great inexpensive red wine from Australia. How about a suggestion on a good red to have with a nice bowl of macaroni each night?