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    For Sale: Lot of assorted sticks and accessories

    Long story short, I'm a newb who ordered a bunch of samplers and later decided cigars aren't for me. Selling lot of these 54 cigars, two spanish cedar trays, a calibrated Caliber IV digital hygrometer and eight 60g 69% Boveda packs. Asking $180 shipped to CONUS buyer. I have photos that I...
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    Anyone wanna trade sticks?

    Ive been stockpiling to many sticks ill never smoke just seeing if anyone wants to trade some. I have anything from mild to full, aging 1-4 years.
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    New sticks, time before you smoke one

    Just curious as to what the general consensus is when it comes to how long you let your cigars rest/sit in your humidor before you smoke them? I just purchases a box, +10 other ones, and put them in a over humid humidor to compensate the dryness I assume they were. I typically purchase offline...
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    newb question cellophane sticks in humi

    i purchased a humi and 30 or so single sticks. should i keep the cigars in their cellophane wrapper inside the humi or should i remove the cellophane wrapper when i put them in the humidor? oh, i have salt calibrated my hydrometer and seasoned my humidor to a stable 68-72 rh
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    Leave sticks in cellophane? Please advise...

    Hi! I am somewhat new to the wonderful world of least to the collecting and storing of them. I have a nice sized humidor that holds 175 sticks or so, and am actually upgrading in a couple of months (when my game room is ready) to a 500-600 count furniture humidor for display of my...
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    Play-off Sticks

    My Raiders won the greatest game of all..........First draft pick. Hey! At least we won something. I never said LA. Sometimes I wish I had, anyway.........The trick here, during the over hyped play-offs, is to try to find the perfect balance between salami and fine cigars. You must find the 4...
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    Making some nice sticks available pm only

    PM if interested stick
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    Comacho Liberty sticks

    Anyone try these? I got one in Dallas. Just curious what you guys think of it.
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    1st Sticks for my now 21 year old son?

    My oldest son just turned 21. He asked what stick I was going to give to try for his 1st. I have some Cameroon (My breakfast stick, only have one let. Does anyone have any good suggestions on other good sticks for a first timer? All I have left are medium to full bodied. THX
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    How long should sticks wait

    How long should sticks wait in a seperate container before you put them in with your big stach?
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    My Birthday Sticks!

    Besides the great packages (which included bday sticks) I received from BarcoChris and Chrisguinther - I just got bday sticks from Iminaquamire - excellent sticks man! Thanks so much for the quality cigars! That was a welcome surprise today!!!!! :thumbsup:
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    How may leave the Cellophane on you sticks

    Just wondering how may people leave the Cellophane on your cigar while they sit in your humi or how many think this isnt a good idea?
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    A.Fuente sticks

    Just trying to get some thoughts on the A.Fuente line of smokes,particualy the Cheteau Fuente. I had one a couple of weeks ago and only had matches,so I didn't get a good light from the start,the cigar kept going out and I gave up about halfway. I now have a Z Plus torch insert for an old Zippo...