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    New Modern Portable Cigar Humidor

    Hello fellow cigar lovers! Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I have some exciting news about a brand new product we are looking to begin production on that I think you all will enjoy. The product is called Cigar Locker 2.0 or "CL2", and it is a portable cigar humidor that holds...
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    Question about storage and....

    Hi guys I have a quick Question about storage and the ceder wood you get in the tubes, I am making a humidor Tub thing with the Sestima clip lid tubs and the Bovida 2 way humidity packs but I want to ask you fine gentlemen if I am right thinking.... Can I put the ceder wood I get in tubes...
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    Behike storage

    Can I store my box of Behike 52 in its original packaging? Will the cigars get the proper humidity with all the extra packaging? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For Sale: Lost storage, 47 decent cigars and humidor for $66, must go today

    <<SOLD>> I have unfortunately lost my storage space. Everything in it must go, this includes: 47 decent cigars, a wood humidor w a hygrometer, two cutters Among the cigars there is: camacho triple maduro padron 64 anniversary, times 2 rocky patel olde world reserve...
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    Proper Temp/Humidity in Humidor

    Hey all, I'm new to the owning of cigars world but I have smoked my fair share of sticks. I recently decided to start owning and storing cigars so I of course went out and got myself a nice 50 count glass top humidor, floral foam humidifier (for now, will be upgrading soon) and I have a digital...
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    Winter storage

    Guys - during the winter I move my humidors to the basement because the upstairs is just too dry and I really struggle keeping the humidity level up. However, the temperature inside my humidors in the basement hovers around 63 degrees - a little cooler than I like. Will this cause any damage...
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    Pipe tobacco storage???

    Have found a blend I adore. How should I store it for future use? Thanking you in advance.
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    Box Storage....

    Got a question on box far any boxes I've bought went directly into my that I have a wine cooler on the way...I'll be able to build up a when I receive boxes that I'm going to store straight I want to remove the plastic overwrap? Do I want it to be...
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    Can this do for storage?

    Ammunitions crate! Its got a rubber seal
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    Cigar storage...

    Not a cigar smoker, so I'm seeking education from the masters. Just returned from my honeymoon in Jamaica. Brought back some Cohiba Esplendidos. What's the best way to store them? Don't have a humidor.
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    Storage question

    Much to my suprise, I was just given a box of "southern" cigars from a friend who just came back from Europe. I can fit the whole box in the right side of the tray, in my 150ct humidor. Should I leave these cigars in the box or should I take them out of the box and store them. I really could...
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    Long Term Storage and air

    I had read a lot of different views on this - From what I can tell - the people that really store boxes for years I'm talking 5+ years want as little air flow as possible. One person I know vacuum seals his boxes in those flavor savor shrink wrap deals. It also been said that tubed cigars...
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    Quickest, Simplest, Cheapest, storage device

    I about to move and I'm waiting till then to buy a humidor. I was wondering what is the easiest storage device I can make till then. I am not mechanically inclined so I need very good instructions. There has to be a website with pictures and instructions. Can you guys help me out?
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    Brandy Storage

    I was wondering if anyone had ideas about how to store homade Brandy. My dad made Brandy every year as a tradition and I want to store all the bottles that he gave me over the years. I keep them in my basement which is dark and remains at a mid 60% temperature all year long. The humidity...
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    Camacho Storage

    In the past I have bought Camacho sticks about 3 to 4 at a time. To be honest, their stay in my humidor was short lived. However, there is a big Camacho sale going on at one of the local tobacconists (Buy 1 box, get 1/2 box free). I have read on some of the posts that Camacho sticks are a...
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    Long Term Storage / Aging Cigars

    One of my favorite sections of CA is the connoisseur's corner which has me interested in setting some cigars asside. I don't have a BIG stash, probably only about 100 at any one time, but I'm looking to get another humidor to use for long term storage. For those that age some of their...