1. T

    The future of the B & M cigar store

    I rarely visit a B&M as there are none within 20 miles and the one 23 miles away has less cigars than I have. I wonder if the future is bright or dim. My last in person buy was at a gas station/convenience store 52 miles away that had a humidified selection that was fairly good. I went there...
  2. G

    New Store

    Hello everyone, We are Grand River Cigar and we the newest store to open in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We have a large selection of cigars, and will be carrying pipe and pipe accessories as well. We just wanted to introduce ourselves to you and let you know that we are here. Stop in and check us...
  3. T

    New cigar store!!!

    Well Most of you know I live WAY up in Maine. To my surprise a few weeks ago I started to hear ads for a new cigar store in Bangor. The ad claimed the biggest walk in humidor in the state! Today after my visit with the doc I went right over it is not like some of you guys have but it is nice...
  4. H

    Does Xikar do warranty replacements in the store?

    My Executive lighter has gone heels up again. Don't really want to send it back for a third time. I am using good fuel. It just keeps plugging. RRRRggghhhhhh
  5. C

    How to store tubed cigars

    I went to my no-so-local cigar store today and bought about 11 new sticks. One of which was an AVO Piramides. It, and all of the AVO's, was in a tin torpedo tube. Now is there any advantage, other than protecting the cigar from physical bumping, to storing these in the tubes? Are they just...
  6. D

    I need a highly reccommended cigar store in the toronto area

    I live in wisconsin and work for an airline and was interested in flying in for a few hours to pick up some cuban cigars. The problem is I have no clue where to go or who to trust . Also, Im guessing I wont be able to just take them back on the plane so would the best way to bring them back be...
  7. D

    How to store Pipe tobacco

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone new how to store pipe tobacco? Should I put in the humi with my sticks? The smell (even bagged) is so strong. Idunno what to do. Thanks
  8. S

    OT Cigar store Indian Wanted

    Off topic sort of lol, Finished my playroom and looking for a Cigar Store Indian. Not looking for log carvings chaisaw art or imports and the such. Looking for an authentic ( :D ) antique, or one hell of a great copy( :) ) Not looking to break bank but hopefully a fair priced piece. Thanks and...
  9. T

    Cigar store in Orlando ?

    In September I am going to Orlando, well Disney & Universal to be precise, I was wondering if anyone knew of a decent Cigar store in the area to indulge my favourite hobby whilst on vaction ??
  10. vince

    Store Name???

    If you were going to open a New cigar shop what would you call it??? Enjoy, Vince
  11. F

    from store to humidor question

    if i buy a single cigar and it is wrapped in plastic, is it better if i remove the plastic or keep it on when i put it into my humidor?
  12. S

    How do you store your Fine Cigars?

    How do you gents store your fine cigars in your humidor? Full Wooden Boxes:In the box, box closed, or box open? Cardboard Boxes: Same Criteria as above Singles: on a shelf, in a bag, in a drawer, or in a box? I am curious here, as I have seen all these ways in shops and peoples homes...