1. B

    Sunday Night Beverage

    This Sunday was daughter Rebecca's birthday Dinner. So to celabrate the fireman she is cohabatating with brought a bottle of Port. Clocktower Australian Port. It was a Tawney Port bottled by Mildara wines in Merbein, Victoria, Australia. It was pretty good for a 10.00 bottle of Port...
  2. D

    Sunday Afternoon...What Are You Smoking ?

    I'm just relaxing with an 8yr old Cohiba Esplindido's and very hot cup of coffee (Folgers) , while watching Red River with John Wanye, no Wife here right now( thankgod she's in church ). Oh did i mention that my cofee is spiked with some good ol Johhny Walker Red
  3. A

    Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

    It's 10 minutes to 9 PST here and I was just shaken out of bed by a 5.6 earthquake! It's not the biggest we've had since I've been out here, but it was the closest. It's amazing to me how just before it starts, every bird outside takes to the sky. That was my only warning. Now there is a...
  4. N

    A great Sunday

    I've enjoyed this form and am thankful for all who contribute to my questions.Today, I'm enjoying great cigars, golf on television,I collect and play with wood shafted golf clubs circa 1860 to 1915.Re-glued a few heads for spring.Started with a Padron Londres at 10AM. A 3000 at 2PM, and might...
  5. T

    Sunday, only about 90% or so humdidity...

    So, yupper, another whiskey free night. Went with a couple Sam Adams Weiss Beer. Very tasty, Two row malted barley and malted wheat, makes for a crisp, and dare I day two stage layered maltiness. Is there such a thing?? I dunno, but it's damn fine beer.
  6. T

    It's Sunday, folks

    And tonight, while I listen to Aerosmith taped in 1975, I shall sip on Fighting Cock 103 proof Bourbon.
  7. T

    Sunday's offering

    Started off this AM listening to my favorite Blues radio progarm, with SLR Robusto. Very relaxing. The local Classic Rock radio station has a live Aerosmith concert on at 19:00 hours, taped in NYC, 1975. Along with Joe and Steven and the boys, I have a Trinidad TTT lined up.
  8. T

    Cigar for Sunday 7/11

    Earlier was a Fuente 858, later, a Monte White #3.
  9. vince

    Sunday Morning Coffee

    I am working on a pot of Purivan organic french roast this morning, well its afternoon now, but I find this is a great all around coffee, great in the early morning with a cigar, good in the afternoon with a cigar , & late in the evening with a cigar, Hummmm do you see a patern here, it is...
  10. vince

    Sunday Morning Smoke

    What a way to start the day, Tanzanian Peaberry coffee & a Don Carlos #3 who said you must go to the grave in a good looking well preserved body, I am going to slide in side ways & proclaim , WHAT A RIDE ! Enjoy, Vince