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    Help with Partagas Black Label - damp basement taste

    Hi there, I am a newbie to this forum. I am stumped by my experience with Partagas Black Label. I bought some a year ago from the Duty Free Shop at Hong Kong International Airport, and found I really liked them. The ones I had burned well and the taste and aromas are so strong and deep. The...
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    Changing taste in cigars

    Has anyone else noted a change in the cigars preferred over time ? At first I started smoking anything to keep from going back to cigarettes. Then came a bunch of machine made crap which led to various CT valley wrapped machine mades with the favorite being Topstone bouquet colo claro. I also...
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    Anyone up for a pipe tobacco blind taste test?

    I'm back from the pipe show in Columbus and have a bunch of pipe tobacco that I would be willing to send folks for a blind taste test. Same as Barcochris did a while back. Let me know here and, if we get enough folks, I'll put it together. DaninDayton ilurkalot
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    Cigar "notes" and reviews (i.e. room, taste, etc)

    I do know I am a newb here but while reading over past reviews and such I did notice one thing: Most reviews ignore a cigar's different "notes!!" (or just separating them) In the most basic scenario there would be 2 notes: room and taste. Or there could be 3 notes: "raw" cigar smell, room, and...
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    Blind taste test.

    So here is my Idea. I am putting five five packs together. different cigars, different wrappers and such. I will remove the labels of the cigars and mark them Amback blind tatse test 1-5. I will send them out to five people, I would like to have them rest in there humidors for two weeks...
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    OSU Lineman with expensive taste

    The Columbus Dispatch report posted immediately after the game said one of the lineman, Kirk Barton (a senior and over 21), was celebrating the win over that team from up north with Champagne and a $125 cigar--that he received from the ghost of Red Auerbach. Yesterdays paper reported it was a...
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    Music taste..

    All through middle school I listened to country music only (Hank JR), through high school it was heavy metal (Metallica). I evidently have a wide and varied taste in music. My Itunes is filled with a weird selection. I have stuff like Metallica, Pink, Mixalot, Doc Watson, Chuck Berry, Alizee...
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    Taste, look and feel

    Just a thought here. When you see a juicy hamburger with the cheese melted and dripping from under the bun, does your mouth start to water? When you see a thick BBQ New York steak crusty with charcole markings and crunchy salt, does you heart sing? When you pop the top on your humidor and see a...
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    The taste of Spanish Cedar

    I found out why tobacco beetles hate Spanish Cedar, it tastes terrible!! I’m relatively handy when it comes to woodworking, so I thought I would make my own humidor. When I got the wood, I took it out of the package and looked it over to see what I would need to do to get it to the right...
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    Doesn't it just taste like smoke?

    Ok, let me start off, I got into cigars about 6 months ago and have probably smoked about 40+ cigars. I usually smoke good cigar brands like Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and a few other brands so I am not really smoking anything cheap. The problem is, I read all of these posts...
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    Dull taste buds, or just a Beginner?

    Hi all, As a new cigar smoker, I've been trying lots of different brands hoping to figure out what my tastes are... One thing that seems odd to me is that usually new smokers usually opt for milder cigars and then slowly transition to stronger ones, don't they? I know that everyone's...
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    50/50 solution altering taste???

    Hi all,just wondering if anyone has heard anything about wether or not 50/50 solution can alter the taste of a cigar in any way???????
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    Padroe taste from a new quy

    I thought many would jump upon a Padron taste a like. Is there such a product? Cocca,chocolate,dirt,and creamy taste- where are you? Help??
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    Daddy, why does rye taste like bourbon? . . .

    Well hon, rye IS bourbon, kinda sorta, and bourbon is rye, kinda sorta. You see, bourbon is made from what's called a "mash bill" of at least 51% corn, and other grains, one of which is usually rye, sometimes a lot of rye, like Basil Hayden. And both types of whiskey are aged in new charred...