1. M

    Hello from Grand Prairie, Texas

    Been a steady cigar enthusiast for about a year. I am a middle school teacher, married with 2 kids. I enjoy all types of smokes in a full range of strength and flavor. Entirely a NC smoker although I am looking forward to trying some CCs. I look to. E able to contribute what I can and meet...
  2. GrouchoM

    Another newb from Texas

    Hello all! I'm GrouchoM from Texas and a new member (just joined the Family). Wanted to do a quick intro. Been enjoying cigars since the first of 2016. New to this forum, but active on a few others. I'm wild about maduros. I've spent the last few weeks getting settled in to the cigar...
  3. S

    Howdy from Texas

    Hey folks I just joined today. I'm from Pittsburgh, Pa but I reside in the Ft Hood area in Texas now. I am a retired Soldier with more than 22 years of active duty service. I am married and have three kids who are all grown and out of the house. My son is married and my two girls are both in...
  4. Dustinl

    Killeen, Texas Falls

    Well the main municipality in the area and my home town will vote tonight to ban all smoking in public places. It is expected to pass and is said to be the toughest in Texas. DL
  5. R

    Texas Roasters

    Anyone have experience with Texas coffee stores that roast their own beans? Here in San Antonio we have one over on Huebner Road, but no others I know of. I've have been very happy with the price and quality of the roasts. I can't recall any in Houston, DFW, or College Station off hand, but any...
  6. B

    Back from Texas

    I just got back from my 6 weeks in Texas. Had some great concerts, meet some great people, and put on some great parties. I'll put up some pictures when I can figure that out.