1. N

    New sticks, time before you smoke one

    Just curious as to what the general consensus is when it comes to how long you let your cigars rest/sit in your humidor before you smoke them? I just purchases a box, +10 other ones, and put them in a over humid humidor to compensate the dryness I assume they were. I typically purchase offline...
  2. A

    What should I expect when smoking a white owl for the first time?

    I'm smoking for the first time and it'll be a white owl grape cigarillo. What should I expect to happen? (There is no weed in it just tabacoo)
  3. H

    It might be time...

    I have recently run into a snag with my current employer possibly going out of business. At this time, things are up in the air. I have wanted to open a B&M for some time now, and the timing might be right. I was wondering if I could pick your brains about it. If I were to open a retail...
  4. B

    Ok Contest time!

    So lets kick this room off! I am going to send a package to the winner of this contest a pack of five cuban cigars. the kicker is you need to review three of the five on this thread. in order to win you need to be the 12th person to pm me. You can only PM me one time. good luck all!
  5. C

    It's That Time Again!

    Hey everyone - I wanted to make a quick post to get some response from everyone here... The first issue of Cigar Press is out and people really enjoyed our "On the Street" section... So I'd love to get your participation and quotes again. I'd like to hear your thoughts in quote form on...
  6. elidog

    High Time

    I just received my Summer 2007 issue of Cigar Magazine and after a little reading I find the tone of the issue to be one that has been on my mind for a while. Seldom to I enter into political conversation or express my beliefs on major social issues. Today, however I thought I would take the...
  7. T

    To much time and a cigar oasis = this

    Well no sleep and and idea can lead to this. Somebody talked about using beads but I wanted to see em so I would know when they needed more water so I went one step further. I used the top off the small cartridge for the top of my new improved model. What do you think??
  8. B

    Sitdown, long time no see!

    Everyone: I haven't been here in a while, ever sinced I moved to my new apartment last September! (been pretty busy) There was a sitdown/herf last year in Boston. Does anyone know when this will take place this year? John
  9. G

    Great Scott! Fired for smoking on his own time..

    A Buzzards Bay man peed into a cup and lost his job when the Scott Co. discovered he’d been inhaling more than the chemicals he sprayed on lawns - he was allegedly smoking cigarettes - according to a lawsuit he filed. They’re irrefutably doing things that harm themselves
  10. Bikeman

    Chat Time

    Last night we had a great chat going, with different guys joining in as they could. This is getting good brothers and sisters, lets keep it up and see how many people we can get in there. We start about 9:00 Central, 10:00 on the east coast, so be there or be square!!
  11. A

    First Look Rocky Patel OSG (One Time Only)

    Back in 02 when rocky wanted to make the Sun Grown, he originally made them at the UST factory. He made about 30000 cigars in the first batch and was ready to go full speed ahead. However, the factory was lost to General cigar in a law suit and he had to move and start over at another factory to...
  12. C

    God of Fire - Almost Time!

    The 2006 God of Fire dinner is almost here! a week from this coming Saturday. I can't wait!!! I was recently at Casa Fuente and spoke to the manager there who is also attending...from what he tells me, in addition to the GOF and Don Carols cigars......there may be an Opus rolled...
  13. I

    Question time: How do you do it?

    When you light your cigar, do you light the cigar in your hands first or do you light it in your mouth? I've always lit it first while holding so I'm curious as to how you all light up.
  14. B

    Moving time!

    I will be moving/celebrating the big 20th bday this week, so I won't be around much! My lease doesn't start until the first but I'll be there by wed(30th) to start getting everything together (I have things stored all throughout Boston, not sure where though...). I also have some auditions in...
  15. K

    its crunch time

    30 days until my wedding. I always heard that planning a wedding and moving were the two most stressful things someone could do. I moved about a month ago and im getting married on sept 10th. I should have eloped. …faster cheaper easier. The only good thing coming out of all this...
  16. F

    Hot time in the old town tonight

    Here we are in Northern California where we experience 5~7 weeks of Hot weather per year. I live in a place 53 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge where a trough between the mountains drives an evening coast breeze and keeps us cool. The breeze is AWOL. We are roasting. As I type I am worried...
  17. B

    And now its time....

    To finally start building my own cabinet. I will be using pine on the exterior so that it will match my bedroom furniture. It will be roughly 4 ft tall, 4 ft wide, and 1 3/4 ft deep. Here are the before pictures: I will keep updating the thread as I go. I can't wait to share the...
  18. A

    3 hours to fight time

    830 CST the Gracie Hughs fight will be on pay per view. Sweeeeettttttt. This is going to be a good match. Gracie did not fight with time restrictions back in the day, but hell he fought 4 guys a night. It ill be great.
  19. C

    Time for a new lighter

    I was ridiculed by a relative (catmechanic) this weekend for using a disposable to light my RP '92 after cutting it with my Xikar Titanium. I have two cheap torch lighters but they are both crap. One looks like it belongs in a Star Trek episode and the other has flashing lights and may have...
  20. B

    More Time To Smoke Cigars

    Yes gang I have found a way to have more Cigar time. :D Last week I renewed my subscibtion to Norton Utilities, 8) including the latest and greatest SPAM BLOCKER. :lol: Now when I open my email account I have time to go down to the garage, fire up the heater, light up a nice cigar, open a...