1. T

    Today is National Cigar Day

    Somebody has got to smoke something good.
  2. T

    What did you smoke today?

    Las Cabrillas Cortez- very mild Bahia Gold Maduro toro- mild both with a couple of bottles of Raging Bitch beer (8.3%) after work
  3. T

    Today's smoke

    Rainy miserable day, but I decided to smoke a Gurkha monogram after lunch. I had one a month or two ago and wasn't impressed. Today's was much better and I'm glad I have a few more. After dinner I thought about another, but decided on a pipe instead.
  4. B

    Phoenix event today (10/1/11)

    I just started working part time at Mojito Cigar Lounge in Cave Creek and we're having a Gurkha event today from 1-5pm. They are highlighting their Special Ops cases and Gurkha Limited Edition Special Ops cigars. They are fantastic smoke, a fairly oily wrapper, good complex taste, and a...
  5. M

    Drew Estate Cigar Event Today! Free Cigars, fun for all!

    MD Cigars Drew Estate Cigar Event Today! Buy a box of Acid, Natural, Chateau Real, Liga or Tabac Expecial and get a FREE 7-pack and Ashtray, Cigar Cutter and a Drew Estate hat or t-shirt! Buy 5 singles and get 2 FREE. Buy 3 singles get 1 FREE all day today! These offers available on the...
  6. M

    Altadis Cigar Event Today!

    TODAY! Altadis Cigar Event! Free Cigars, Food and Fun PLUS! Buy 3 Get 1 Free!, Buy 5 Get 2 Free, Buy 7 Get 3 Free, or buy a box and get 5 Cigars Free! All Day Friday the 12th! on the following products: Monticristo, Don Diego, Gispert, H.Upman, Romeo Y Julietta, Henry Clay, Onyx, Trinidad...
  7. M

    Drew Estate Cigar Event today!!

    Drew Estate Cigar Event Today! Buy a Box of Acid, Natural, Ambrosia, Chateau Real and get your choice of a FREE Sampler Tin, or Ashtray, and Chateau Real Baseball Cap! and an awesome Cigar Cutter! Buy 3 cigars get one FREE! Buy a box of Acid, Natural, Ambrosia or Chateau Real and you get...
  8. T

    Heard from Jhopephulle today

    Well, sorta. His fiance wrote me to tell me the following: Jeff had another stroke on april 23 it was a rather bad one. he just came home this tuesday. his right side is what was affected and his speech is slurred. but the dr's say he should make a almost 100% recovery but it going to take a...
  9. W

    C & D fixed me up with a sampler today...

    WELL, I WENT AN DOOD IT ! :shocked: You folks can be very informative and influential to a retread pipe smoker. :thumbsup: Today I took the boards posts to hart and called Pattie at C & D and ordered a sampler pack. Looking forward to finding a couple of other blends that I like. :D I...
  10. C

    What Havana did you smoke today?

    This is a great place to talk about the great Havanas you have smoked. Any info is great, box codes and what ever other pertinant info you may have!!!
  11. A

    RP Sun Grown Factory Select Torpedo Deal Today Only These are normally about 60 bucks. I've had the RP Vintage 2nds and had no issue with them. These are the Sun Grown Seconds. These are 40 bucks for today only. For those of you unfamiliar with the site, Cigar Monster has a deal of the day every day. Frequently...
  12. T

    The dael I got today

    Went to see the doc this am and as always I stopped into the home depot to pick up a few things. There was a big section set up just before the registers with clearance items. Being me I hung a right to see what I might find. I got an insinkerator ( instant boiling hot water at your sink...
  13. R

    got in the mail today

    (2) cam label (1)c.comcuban label (1)5 vegas (1)danli reserve (1)sol cubano conn all robustos : :D thought id try something new anybody else get a present today
  14. T

    Look what I got in the mail today..

    She is here and she is big n pretty to... The 300 will fit inside or it with the legs off..
  15. A

    What did you buy today?

    This has worked pretty well for cigars, so I'll see how it goes for booze. If it works well, great. If not...I hope people start new threads so this gets on a back page. :wink: Today, armed with my knowledge from this forum, I went to my local liquor store and bought a bottle of Bowmore...
  16. C

    I saw a bunch of Cohiba Qs at Busch Stadium Today

    After the Cardinals claimed the World Series, I was walking around Busch Stadium with my friends and visited ballpark staples such as Mike Shannon's, TGIF, Hooters, and Paddy O's. At each of these locations, I spotted individuals celebrating with a stogie in their hands and laughing it up...
  17. B

    Picked up three tins today

    Penzance, nothing new to me here. McClelland's Grey Havens. Mixed reviews but recommended by a friend who has never been wrong before. da Vinci by Cornell & Diehl. Pretty good reviews... I have wanted to try this tobacco for some time. ADDED: Just realized this tin is from sep 2001...
  18. K

    what did you smoke today (again)

    we are already up to 130 pages of the las "what did you smoke" maybe its about time start another... today i smoked a Cusano P1 robusto. The maduro wrapper was smooth with a slight sheen to it. Not as oily as others I have tried. The cigar started out with a slightly sweet almond/pecan...
  19. rmrdaddy

    CAO Package in the mail today!

    Hey all, I received the CAO package in the mail today from that MX2 freebie from a few weeks back. Quick question: What hat did you all get? I rec'd a white skully with a rubber CAO logo on it.... :?: Rob
  20. B

    What did you drink today?

    Went over to a friend's house and sipped a lovely glass of Balvenie PortWood. It was perfect with the PSD4 I was smoking.