1. H

    Torch Lighter query.

    I just purchased a Vertigo Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter . My question is; can the flame be adjusted? I was sitting on my front porch ans when I lit the torch, it set the neighbors palm tree on fire. (slight exaggeration). :rolleyes:
  2. L

    Z Plus Torch Flame Lighter Insert

    I just ordered a "Z Plus Torch Flame Lighter Insert" off Ebay today for $11 after shipping and was wondering if anyone here has one or has tried one. I thought for $11 it was worth a shot and if it allows me to revive my beautiful Zippo it would be well worth it. Here is a pretty good...
  3. phisherman

    Fuel for your torch

    Since I have run out of butane and did not like the last brand I bought; I thought this would be a great time to do a poll on what you guys like for torch fuel. Pros and cons of the brand(s) you are using and why you would or would not buy it again.
  4. D

    Torch lighters

    Ok, I've looked around for some tips on these things. There is some info in the Lighting Cigars thread but not much on the lighters. I just bought one (inexpensive) and I'm not really sure what is proper operation for the thing. The instructions that came with it didn't do me much good...
  5. D

    Newbie Torch Question

    Hi, I am just getting into the hobbie and am picking out a torch lighter to buy. I am deciding between two cheap, $10 variants. The difference is one uses a single torch, and the other uses three. Which kind is easier to use, better for lighting a cigar, etc? Thanks
  6. A

    Z-plus torch Zippo insert

    I just got one of these Z-plus torch flame lighter inserts for zippos. Anyone else have one? I filled it up with butane, It lights but the flame goes out right away :cry:
  7. R

    Where did you buy your Cigar (torch) lighter

    well, so far, i've looked at gas stations and wal mart as well as ebay and amazon. just wondering what a good lighter would be to start off with in the price range of $10-$30. i'm just starting with cigars, so any help would be great. thanks and great site.
  8. M

    Trusty Torch Lighter

    Well if anyone else out there has had the same problems I have had when it comes to torch lighters then you know where this poll is heading. I think of the 10 high end lighters I have purchased in my lifetime, only one lasted more than three years. So who makes the best in your opinion? My...
  9. S

    Aw man, ya gotta love these torch lighters...

    I bought one from the local Shoprite the other day for, I think it was $4.00. No typo, $4.00. I thought...what the he!!, if it breaks it's only $4 right? What a difference compared to the old trusty Zippo. This thing lights a cigar very nicely. Nice and even. Here's my method: I hold the lighter...