1. EllisBoydRedding

    For Sale: Deeply Discounting My Cigars: Upmann Maduro;Romeo Anejo; Montecisto Monte, Pilotico,

    Hi All, I have the following boxes of cigars available. Maximum 2 boxes/per customer. Flat rate shipping: $9.99 first 2 boxes + $4.99/each 2 boxes after. Max boxes per order 6. If they're not marked out, it means I still have them available. Any questions, feel free to pm me. Check back as...
  2. M

    H. Upmann "seven" HELP!

    I received a cigar as a gift from a friend a few years ago and enjoyed the smoke yesterday and absolutely LOVED it! It was one of the best mild smokes I've had to date. I went online to find info about it and I cannot find ANY info on this cigar anywhere. I didn't think it would be this hard to...
  3. C

    H. Upmann Coronas Major

    I just peeled the cap back from this H. Up Cor Maj...the draw is like butter...smoooooooth.... I can't wait to light this... I only have 4 left - I hope they all smoke like this! Not a bad smoke at all - and for the price it has to be one of the best out there, that and HDM Coronations..
  4. F

    H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon

    A good friend just returned from Las Vegas with some fine cigars. He dropped 3 beautiful sticks by the house and the first one I smoked was the Upmann. The Cameroon wrapper really makes this cigar. The burn is even to the fingertips. Lots of smoke and a really nice white ash. With my taste...