1. C

    For Sale: Big Smoke Vegas November 17 & 18th

    *********************** *********** STAY AT MY.....Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort my 2 bedroom 2 bath for 2 Nights 3 days November 17th,18th,and 19th.......2 blocks off strip...Free shuttle to Cigar Smoke at Mirage ......$500.00 total costs.. The resort is an oasis near the...
  2. D

    Vegas Limitada 07

    I saw somewhere else that the 07 was coming out. Has anyone had any yet or have a review/commnet on them.
  3. T

    Las Vegas Big Smoke

    I will be going to the CA Big Smoke in Las Vegas in November. Attending the Friday night event. And attending the full schedule of seminars this year. Anyone else going to be in town?
  4. H

    5 Vegas Gran Reserva

    I thought this was the classic...but as I look around the web...the Gran Reserva is different than the 5 Vegas Classic....the "Classic" I smoked today said Gran Reserva on the label...I'm a little confused because this is the 5 Vegas Sampler off of, which lists a classic...
  5. T


    I'll be invading Las Vegas, NV, not NM, in September. I'll be there 9/2, checking out 9/6. Staying at the Excalibur, no plans yet. Make me some plans!
  6. D

    5 Vegas Miami

    Has anyone tried these yet? If so, any opinions? I think this is a corojo wrapper from what I understand and I'd be very interested in givng one a try. Thanks.
  7. P

    5 vegas cigars?

    I like the sampler pack and was wondering what you all think of them? I notice they say mild flavour for some of them but i was wondering would that just turn them into weak cigars? I sorta thought the " gold bar" presentation box was tacky. Unless I'm a pornographer.
  8. PuFf

    5 Vegas '06 Limitada

    I've been wanting to try this cigar for quite some time now, and since my gf was kind enough to get me a few nice cigars for father's day (17 of them to be exact) I saved this for an after dinner smoke. I was going to let it age a bit but anticipation got the better of me. Besides, I've been...
  9. C

    Las Vegas Late July/Early August

    I will be in Las Vegas for a week starting the last day of July. If anyone happens to be there at the same time let me know and maybe we can get together for a cigar.
  10. PuFf

    5 Vegas Classic

    SIZE: Robusto 5x50 Price: $2.88 single price @ Accompanied by my favorite drink, a Guinness Draught (not extra stout) from the can, poured into a beer glass. Overall Appearance & Presentation: 15/20 - slightly veiny & had a bit of a hard spot. Light sheen of oil. Lighting &...
  11. S

    5 Vegas Cask Strength

    Has anyone ever tied these cigars. If not, you must. The lovely wifey bought a box of these for my birthday. I asked her were she learned of them and told me from her uncle, a certified cigar nut. This are dark beauties, a toro size, with a great burn, and just churns out plumes of smoke...
  12. H

    Have cigar will travel - Vegas

    Sorry if this is redundant. I am new and responded to twoputts post. Going to Vegas weekend of 1/12. Any suggestions of where to go to enjoy a good cigar and single malt scotch? Anyone interested in having one with me and my buds I am meeting there? Havn't been to Vegas in years...excited...
  13. C

    Vegas Big Smoke

    well the big smoke weekend was a lot of fun. The seminars were great. I'll have a write-up of it soon. Twoputts and I met at Casa Fuente and hung out with Carlito and Pete Johnson of Tatuaje, among many other people... Thanks for the sangria twoputt! that was a good night...
  14. T

    Big Smoke Las Vegas

    I will be in Las Vegas and attending the Big Smoke event Friday night, 11/3. Hope to meet someone for a smoke, maybe a tour of Casa Fuente. First time at the event, so any advice would be more than welcome.
  15. H

    Casa Fuente- Vegas Trip

    Alright guys, im going to vegas with about 12 of my buddies, my pops, one of his buddies, fiancees pops and one of his buddies...for my bachelor party...i love vegas :twisted: i will be there oct. 6th- 9th and im staying at caesars so will be checking out Casa Fuente atleast once. Id figure...
  16. C

    Who manufactures the 5 Vegas?

    I just had a friend ask me this question. I have no clue. I told him I would get back to him... Can any of you guys help me out. I am certain Alex knows this answer.
  17. B

    Vegas De Guayaquil!!! . . .

    Ahhhhhhhhh, the beautiful construction, the toothy wrapper, the perfect cut, the smooth, even, effortless draw. The aroma of a fine premium cigar, and the flavor of . . . fresh blacktop. Thank God for this Sam Houston bourbon. :cryinlaugh: :cryinlaugh: :rotflmao: :cryinlaugh...
  18. M

    Las Vegas...

    What a place. I just got back from a week long trip with my girlfriend. The whole strip area is one big resort. Everyone is on vacation and no one cares what you do. I was surprised about how little everyone else cared what you were doing. I smoked cigars in casinos, clubs, on the street...
  19. S


    Three buddies decided to take their wives on vacation for a week in Las Vegas. The week flew by & they all had a great time. After they returned home & the men went back to work, they sat around at break & discussed their vacation. The first guy says " I don't think I'll ever do that...
  20. R

    Vegas Pictures from May

    Here are the pictures of Penn and Teller after the show. The casing I am holding is from when I got to go up on stage for the bullet catch.