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    Rocky Patel Vintage Segundos

    Looking for some input on these. The vintage 1990 is becoming one of my favorite everyday cigar, but I can not afford $10/stick for a daily cigar. Instead of checking for deals non-stop I was contimplating getting a Mazo of 2nds. Anyone experienced these with some feedback?
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    Cusano Hermanos Vintage

    Ok this is my first review so be gentle... please. Today I selected a stick that I had not previously tried, the Cusano Hermanos Vintage Robusto. It was the Connecticut shade version that I mistakenly picked up at my B&M back in early July. I thought that I had the sun grown variety, and I...
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    Graycliffe VIntage 1999 + Good Drink

    I'm celebrating a friend's birthday on Jan 3rd and he won't accept any gifts. So I figure I'll bring a graycliffe cigar and a good beverage to go with it. Any reccomendations? Thanks!
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    War Of Attrition: A Report On Vintage Rye, . . .

    both the 21 and 23 year old versions. When I got to taste the newly released line of bourbons last year, bearing the name "Vintage," you may remember how excited I was about the 21 and 23 year old offerings. Although I wound up really disliking the 17 year old, I also admitted that the entry...
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    What...? Vintage 1990...?

    I got my issue of Cigar Magazine last tuesday and finally made my way through it, and the last article, what they call the final focus, is intitled "Are You Kiddin' Me? Just How Dumb Does Everyone Think We Are" I am fairly new to Cigar smoking, well I should say that I'm fairly new to paying...
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    Graycliff Professionale Vintage 1999

    Anyone smoke one of these yet. I took about 5 out of the aging room last week and they have all been dynomite. Very buttery and smooth yet full of flavor. I would be curious if anyone else has gotten the same level of success from theirs.
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    Cusano Corojo Vintage - 1996 or 1997?

    I've tried the Cusano Corojo Vintage 1997 and am thinking of getting a box. Looking at, I see that the Vintage 1996 is available. Has anyone tried them both? If so, which would you recommend? Is the 1996 worth the extra money?
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    Graycliff Professionale Vintage (1999)

    Oh baby these just came in from Graycliff. Check out the story here You are only going to find these at Perhaps a one day deal will be in the works for these soon.... hint hint.
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    Rocky Patel Vintage 1992

    I've never been a big fan of Rocky Patel cigars. I've never understood the hype. But today I tried a Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 that's been sitting in my humidor for 6 months. True to form, it started out harsh, but about 1/3 of the way, it settled down into a wonderful, enjoyable smoke, with...
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    H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon

    A good friend just returned from Las Vegas with some fine cigars. He dropped 3 beautiful sticks by the house and the first one I smoked was the Upmann. The Cameroon wrapper really makes this cigar. The burn is even to the fingertips. Lots of smoke and a really nice white ash. With my taste...
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    Padron 1964 Vintage

    Just wondering what your opinions on the Padrons in general are, and specifically the 1964 vintage? Worth the money, or should I stick with Hemingways? Thanks, Cutter
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    Vintage 21 and Major Changes in The Top 25. . . .

    This is an older brother of the Vintage 17 year old which I reviewed recently. I am pleased to tell you there will be no descriptions of a bourbon that tastes like salted fish here. First, let's review the world of American whiskey production. We all know that there are only a precious few...
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    Vintage 17 Year Old Bourbon. . . .

    There is also a 21 year old, currently in the Bloofingtonian tasting department, and LeNell's is listing a 23 year old, along with the 21. I purchased the 17 and 21 year old at Warehouse Wines and Spirits, 735 Broadway, in Manhattan, NYC. Now, does that mean a group of folks got together in...
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    Rocky Patel Vintage Segundos

    Any one try these? How do they match up to the firsts? The seem like a much better value.
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    Value of "vintage" scotch?

    A co-worker has come into a couple of cases of Johnie Walker Black Label that is dated 1933. Apparently, the family of his elderly neighbor was cleaning out the family home, after moving Dad to an assisted living facility, and left the hootch out for the trashmen. Do old bottles of whiskey...
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    Final Assessment of Kentucky Vintage and yet ANOTHER . . .

    Bloofingtonian Top 25 Bourbon List. First off, my apologies to The Colonel because in the final analysis I had to say that I liked this release from a mysterious "Small Batch" bourbon company in Bardstown, KY just a WEE bit more than Fighting Male Member Bourbon. And my apologies also to Jim...