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    Wine coolers/fridge for warm weather places

    Copied from a friends post: TampsPSD4 http://www.cigarwise.net/forums/showthr ... ine+cooler
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    March 26, finally a warm day.

    I finished caulking the basement windows I installed yesterday. Made my way to the garage, fired up the Harleys, and the 69 Camaro rag top. Making sure the Summer rides are ready. Congratulated myself with Savinelli robusto earlier, now an Ashton VSG. What are you smoking tonight?
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    Warm day, cool night

    Tis the season, Bloofington! Yupper, a very nice October evening. The nightly cigar is craving a certain libation. I'm going with Jim Beam Rye. The night just has that feel.
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    It may be way too warm and humid to drink . . .

    bourbon and rye, . . . but I can THINK about it. I think I'm getting bourbonsick and ryesick. Ahm tieuhd ob dwinking wum and giwn. Ah don' wan' dwink wum and giwn no maw. I wan' my buwbun 'n' wye. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! :cry: But it's mid-August. Tomorrow is...