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    A good tea for the wedding?

    My fiance is from Eastern Europe that I am planning on building a dream marriage! it has been her dream to serve a good cup of tea when we will be serving the cake on our wedding. Any good recommendations?
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    Best Scotch for a Wedding

    A friend of mine is getting marrier and I am wanting to get a bottle of scotch for him. Something in the 50 - 75 dollar range. Any suggestions?
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    Your Wedding Smoke...

    Well...I'm about to jump in the shower, and my pre-wedding smoke of choice is actually some pipe tobacco. Safe Harbor. Don't know what I'm going to smoke later yet...maybe that 5 Vegas Miami Shaggy Foot I've been saving. What smokes did you have on your wedding day?
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    You didnt say if you had any more at home. When our youngest one left home, THE PARTY WAS ON!!!!! All the things the wife and I wanted to do, but couldn't, we do now. You know when the kid's are home you watch your pennies because you have to. Now we take the vacation's we couldnt then, we drive...
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    My Wedding

    It's nearly here... This Saturday, the 27th, I'm going to become a married man. Seems like I haven't been on here at all, lately. Been so insanely busy with planning this thing. We're getting married 8 hr. away from where we live. All her family is up here in the Quad Cities of Iowa/Illinois...
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    Cigars for my wedding...

    we were originally gonna have a cigar roller at the wedding, but its just too much hassle and we dont want to put forth the effort to find one and what now im gonna order up 4 or 5 boxes of some good quality sticks and let em rest in my humi for about 8 months... im taking...
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    Wedding Smokes

    I'm headed back to Florida this weekend for my brothers wedding. I'll probably buy cigars for the bachelor party. I like a more full-body smoke, but I don't think most of these guys smoke more than once a year. I need a bunch of goooood mild smokes...Any suggestions?