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    Monte Cristo White question

    I am quite fond of the above cigars, but they have got really expensive, $10 ea, and I have not found a good replacement. They have an unusual flavor, which my supplier says is "cream and hazelnuts and vanilla" My other favorite is an aged Upman gold Banker, but they are hard to find and also...
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    What should I expect when smoking a white owl for the first time?

    I'm smoking for the first time and it'll be a white owl grape cigarillo. What should I expect to happen? (There is no weed in it just tabacoo)
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    Petition the White House with me!

    https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/allow-importation-and-sales-cuban-cigars/M6GFMtrX I've started a petition to allow the sales of Cuban Cigars via Internet and Local Shops. If anyone can help, all signers are welcome! Thank you for your time.
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    white house petition to legalize cuban cigars

    https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/allow-importation-and-sales-cuban-cigars/M6GFMtrX Please help me get Cubans in your humidor. Take a minute and fallow the link to sign a petition to the White House.
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    White owl

    this is from the Aged batch that I got.... Review to follow
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    white Graycliff Crystal box for trade....

    I have a white Graycliff Crystal box that's taking up much needed space on my shelf if anyone wants to trade for it. PM me if you're interested.
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    Montecristo White Box as a humidor?

    i read these boxes are "humidor like quality" whats the real deal, should i just get a few of these boxes instead of dropping a lot of money on a humidor?
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    ron white?

    Does anyone know what ron white smokes when he does his comedy on Blue Collar comedy tour?
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    aRe's yo'alls WhiTe TraSh? (PG/R)-Joke Link

    If so Merry X'mas! http://www.toonedin.com/movies/WhiteTrashXmas.html
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    white mold??

    Anyone seen mold like this? [/img]
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    Montecristo White. . . .

    Another gift from a friend, in my humidors for about two or three months. I lit this very large cigar, about a 7x54, at 1645 hours. I knew it might be better off with a few more months of age, but I was looking for something different, with a name, since I've been smoking my precious few...