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    Worst cigar you've smoked

    Lets leave out the flavored and infused: Ortsak toro corojo- strong and brought indigestion Don Smith serie Dee---fortunately inconsistent, and some were just awful
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    The worst cigar name ever?

    My vote goes for the Tesoro Plumpo and the Ambrosia Van Reef.
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    The worst news ever

    I have debated for a while if I was going to let you all in on the news I received a couple days ago. I wasn't going to say anything, But since I consider you all some great friends, I really need some words of encouragement. The only one I have said anything to is Macallan. I found out my...
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    what is the worst cigar?

    what is your worst cigar... tie with sacuba and anyting from acid.
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    Your Chance To Rate The WORST Whisky...

    For those of you who just tuned in... Rene440 down in the great state of TX has been tantalizing me with visions of 18yr old whiskies...and as I live in Bush Alaska, we are limited to various forms of rotgut as our sole fare..."Trade Whiskey" if you will... So I pose an open question...
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    best and worst

    i am asking this question in the hopes that the more expeirenced smokers can give us newer guys some ideas of good cigars to try. please post the best cigar you have ever smoked no matter the price just the best. also what cigar was the biggest dissapointment in terms of taste to you. so far...
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    Does this count (for worst cigar)....

    a 'grape' White Owl cigar. Given to me by my wife, as a joke. The bast 1.50 that could be spent at the local tobaconnist/gastation.... Speedway. Lots of other flavors there too: chocolate white chocolate (for the conissuers) lemon strawberry come on who wants to go 1/2 in a box with...
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    Worst Cigar Mistake?

    As I was searching through my bigger humidor tonight looking for my few Bolivars, I stumble across this old Cohiba Dominica Repubilca. Most of you will know this as the Cohiba Yellow Label. Purchasing these terrible things is probably the worst mistake I've ever made. I remember being far away...
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    Worst Cigar Ever?

    Wow we get so caught up with what is the best a favorite. Have you ever smoked a cigar you thought was just dog food? Now to set the ground rules try to limit the number of macanudo responses. In addition no flavors or unnatural or machine made smokes. Mine would have to be Helix. Man a...
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    Best & Worst EFFECTS of Drinking [PICS] (R)

    ok peeps. Post your Pics of some Events that were caused by to much drinking :) come on now.. we all know you keeled over! The Ever Fun yet talkative Woman....
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    Worst beer?

    Lot of candidates out there. Probably Coors.