2.7*4 ft Handmade Silk Rugs for sale

Mar 6, 2019
Silk Carpet Runner
Rug Name: Silk Carpet Runner
Rug No.: Y-122B
Rug Size: 2.7*4 ft=82*122cm
Rug Fabric: Silk
Workmanship: handmade and Turkish Knot
Knots: 470 knots each square inch
Color: Sliver yellow,brown, blue
Pattern: floral medallion design
Style: luxury
Other name: Silk Carpet Runner, silk rug runner, handmade silk prayer rug, prayer silk carpet
Feature: anti-slip, plain, flower design, soft, durable, smells natural, antibacterial, eco-friendly
Custom: your custom rug runner is accepted.
Small size to larger size, hundreds of stocks for your choice.

Detailed images
Good quality tassels
Central Medallion


Careful and professional hand workmanship
High quality fabric
Soft and shinning
Color match great
How to make handmade silk carpet
It is very complicated to make silk rugs.
1.Draw design and match colors. Draw design on a chart and match the different colors on it so that the weavers can follow to weave.
2.Dye silk. Traditionally dyers use natural pigments (indigo, saffron crocus, acorn cup, and larkspur stem...) to dye the silk into different colors. But now chemical dye is also used. There are always 10-20 different colored silk yarns used for one silk rug.
3.Hang the warps. Warps will be bound on the loom rack, which is almost like a standing frame consisting of 4 bars. The warps will be bound tightly and evenly between the top bar and the bottom one.
4.Hand knot silk carpet. The silk yarn will be tied around the two adjoining warp yarns to create a knot. There are different types of knots such as real tied double knots (symmetrical knots and Turkish knots), real tied single knots (unsymmetrical knots or Persian knots) and untied hooked knots (They are unreal knots, which are poor workmanship but time saving and material saving.)
5. Shear carpet, make tassels, and wash the finished carpet. After months' or even years' work the whole silk carpet is finished. It is cut down from the loom rack. The surface of the silk rug is sheared evenly. The ends of the warps are bound to make beautiful tassels. The whole rug is washed thoroughly for sale.

Our advantage
◆ Near to the tussah silk origin place
◆ Your customized rug is available
◆ Pure handmade silk rug
◆ Free cleaning if you afford the express

1. What's your advantage?
Answer: We have 30 years experience of handmade rug production, Research&Design and professional techniques team. Quality Best, Price competitive. Factory directly supply! Fast Delivery.
2. Why choose us?
Answer: With us your money in safe ,your business in safe .
3. Do you offer return service?
Answer: Yes,return is accepted if there any quality problem of our rugs.Please contact us in advance before starting returning,thanks!
4. What about the custom duty?
Answer: Customs invoice will be written with a lower value,most of time no customs duty requires,If you have special request as to the customs problem,please contact us freely

2.7*4 ft Handmade Silk Rugs for sale