2018: Sunday Morning Smoke

Feb 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
Good afternoon it is Sunday , 2/2/2020 Groundhog day and a Happy Birthday to Ron King , where ever you are . , the morning started out with about an inch of snow but the temp is going up to 46 F today and most of it is all ready melted.
We started the day with a pot of Monsoon coffee , sausage ,eggs and asiago cheese bread toasted on the grill , and as always the Hunk O Beef is in the oven ,,,,, dammmmmm again , but a happy wife is a happy life, and I started the day with a gift from my brother Phil , No not the groundhog Phil, but my brother who is an only child Phil. hahaha , a ISOM Monte #2 ..... a great start to the day for sure. I have no idea what to have next , any sugestions ?
My 2018 escape is heading to the shop tonight , a recall on some Bullshit fuel problem , I hope what ever they do to fix it will not kill my gas mileage , im can average 26 MPG back and forth to work and running around town , over 30 on trips , how ever when I sit for an hour and a half with it just under 1000 Rpms , just to stay warm when smoking a cigar it drops off , WAY OFF , why do I sit in the car with a cigar you ask,,,, well its COLD outside and raining , I get an hour for lunch and 2 ,15 minute breaks at work during the day And I have a cigar instead of eating , witch takes all of 90 seconds to jam a beef stick down the gullet .... so I have time for a fine smoke . coffee and music, when the weather lets up I will be in a folding chair, behind the shop with my cigar coffee and music ..... no news from the grandsons, , time to open a few humidors and figure out whats next. .. What are you cooking drinking and smoking today ? Enjoy, Vince
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Feb 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
Good afternoon it is Sunday feb9,2020a warm wet day here in da Burgh, we had our first real snow of the year , about 5.5 inches and its almost all melted the weather man said rain tonight , so by morning with the temps in the 40s look out for flooding of some of the roads .Its been a busy week lots of time at work and busy at home .
we started the day with a pot of Papa new Ginny and a grilled english muffin , swiss cheese, bacon and egg,,,,, after breakfast , the sun was out and the winds were low and the sky was blue so we jumped in the car , I grabbed a Nate Sherman corona and we went for a cigar ride , 90 miles later we got home and I started our Sunday Supper , saffron rice, and grilled pork chops , during our ride we stopped at a car lot to look at the new Sabaru Cross Trec our grandson is buying , he has had the same car for 6 years , it was old when he got it , so it was time for new wheels ,,,, he was here last night for a raid on my humidor and give us the news about the 2019 he is getting, a great price as the 2020s are on the lot. .
I was digging in the humidor and found a very old Don Tomas classico toro , getting ready to set fire to it now . a cup of italian roast green Mountain coffee is cooling as I type ,,,, so what are you drinking smoking and cooking today? enjoy Vince
Feb 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
Good afternoon it is sunday 16 feb,2020. a cool somewhat snowy day here in the burgh, we had the coldest night of the winter season so far hitting a chilllllly 9 f with 20 mph wind , a weeee bit uncomfortable , but it is supposed to be in the 50s by tuesday ..... breakfast was french toast with a pot of very weak coffee , a blend of 4 central american coffees but not enough to make a 12 cup pot , it might have been better with an 8 cup pot. this mornings cigar was a Nino Vasquwz lonsdale .... not great, not bad, just a cigar for the masses cheep , average smoke with no bad aspects of a cheep cigar , good burn average taste , nothing to complain about nothing to praise it about. I dont know what I will smoke next.
the hunk o beef is in the oven AGAIN.......
I have one political comment ....... IT SUCKS .... end of rant

OH one more, here in Pa the state house has introduced a bill to ban all public smoking including cigar shops and cigar bars , all I can say is if it passes I will be a law breaker , I enjoy sitting with friends and stangers smoking cigars sipping coffee and scotch . I will smoke on the street , let me get arrested ..... it will be a trip to the federal level of the rights of a FREE man in a free country ......

grandsons both got hair cuts , now looking like human ,not cave men hahahaha ,, Im due for a trim myself.
my car will get its 25000 mile check up this friday , , just 18 months since I got it with just over 200 miles on the clock ,,, I still like my old escape better than my new one ... just dont know why , but its nothing I can put my finger on .

so what are you smoking , eating and drinking today

enjoy Vince
Feb 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
Good morning it is Sunday 2/23/2020 a bright sunny but cool day here in da Burgh, Breakfast was a plate of French toast made with a sweet bread from a local bakery , the coffee was from a few south american growers and the mix didnt turn out all that bad or all that great. .....
I was told by the boss that we are having a guest today for our Sunday Meal , and its not a hunk O beef today , I am making a Phillo dough wrapped piece of cod with spincih and feta cheese with a little wedge of Lime , ,,,, no lemons in the store so I settled for the lime . Who knows it might be good , but I do like it in my Iced tea over lemon. Sort of a Greek infulence on todays meal , fish and cheese is not one of my goto recipes but this works just fine.

Took my car in for its 25K check up , a 49.95 plus tax came to 52.87 , I give the young lady 63.00 and she slides the 3 bucks back and tills me the 3 twentys will cover the cost , I said yes I know but if you keep the 3 bucks you just give me back 10.13 , you dont have to count out all the singles and I dont have a ton of ones in my money clip , she didnt understand and put it in the adding machine 3 times saying it just didnt seam right , not only is it right it is correct .... But I cant do math in my head and that just dosent make sence to me to pay so much more than what the bill is, I assured her it was OK , just look at the adding machine and it will be Ok , she had to check with the Manager to see if it was OK ...... ahhhh todays schools have failed us for sure , am I the only one who can do math in my head , so simple 87 and 13 are 100 , so she gave me a ten and 13 cents and wanted to give me back my 3 singles , I dont think she was the sharpest knife in the kitchen at all ,
have any of you ever had a problem getting change ?

Today is My Aunt Mary Ann 's 90th birthday , she is living in a nursing home , what do you get her beside a card? well we thought a room freshner would be just fine to cover up the aroma of old people , you know , urine and ben gay , with a little shit to cover it all . ..... almost like a baby, but no powder , that has been replaced with the ben gay . , the cake is at
2 and the party is over at 3:30 , no reason to add any more stress to the old folks and staff.

this mornings cigar was a 12 year old Avo , that surfaced in a humidor when I unloaded it to check the contents this past Friday ,,, a very smooooooth velvet like smoke that went well with the cup of Kona . we went to home depot and picked up a new kitchen faucet and Garbage disposal ,,,, then to the Do it best hardware store to get a self closing toilet seat for the wifes bathroom ,,,, she didnt like the ones at home depot ...... So now I have a few more jobs on my honey do list , I think I will call a plumber to dive under the kitchen sink, I can take on the 2 bolts of the seat all by my self hahahahaha

Time for a short walk and a cigar , its to nice not to be outside today its up to 48 F and climbing so a quick spin around the block or maybe 2 laps hahahaha a cup of coffee and a cigar to be figured out when I open the humidor ,
What are you cooking drinking and smoking today ? Enjoy, Vince
Feb 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
GOOD Afternoon it is Sunday 3/8/2020 a warm sunny day here in da Burgh 58F with a slight SW wind a great day to sit in the sun with a cigar and coffee ,,,, and thats when I have been most of the day,
Breakfast was a little late as I didnt reset my internal clock , , I got up when I had to PEE . I made a pot of oatmeal , added some rasins .... we picked up a Chobonie ( the yougert company ) creamer at the grocery store last week , way to sweet for the coffee , I drink mine black but the wife likes half and half, she didnt like the stuff ether , but adding a few eggs it might make a good french toast batter .... time will tell....
this mornings coffee was a new blend for the Hallowed Grounds coffee roaster in New Brighton Pa it was good , could have been a little stronger .
#2 grandson just got back from Boston , some kind of Geek squad convention , he did get a photo of him with his arm around the statue of Red Arebeck ( the spelling is way off ,,, the coach of the celtics ) , it will go up in the Qtr.Deck as soon as I get it framed .
Since today is Sunday that means it was a hunk o chuck day , .... melt in your mouth , a great one pot meal , spuds onions carrots celery and garlic , a bit of beef stock from the freezer and 5 hours later its ready to go 300 F in a cast iron dutch oven. , left overs on Monday .

I thinks its time to get to the next cigar , , , , I started out the morning with a Bahia Gold maduro robusto with coffee , then a Padron 3000 Natural with coffee , , a break for lunch , a hand full of almonds and a navel orange and some swiss cheese ..... gotta save room for the beef hahahah , so now I think I might just dig in the humidor and find some thing big and bold maybe a Monte #2 ISOM , or a Partagas #10 , Opus, who knows what it might be , time for a weeee dram to go with it .
So what are you cooking eating drinking and smoking today ? Enjoy, Vince
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Feb 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
Good Afternoon It is Sunday 3/15/2020, the ides of march and a pay after Pi day ,, we had Coconut Cream on Friday and a mixed berry pie on Saturday, just leftover pie for today . And it is Sunday and the hunk O beef is in the oven , keeping the wife happy.
Breakfast was a cheese omelet , and an eggo waffle instead of toast I dont know why but thats what a felt like having Coffee was an Ethopian and now I am sipping a columbian with a Habanno wrapper churchill with out a band , its old smooth and "tasty"

Got a small suprize Tuesday night as Jonas , (#2 Grandson) showed up for a cigar and a scotch , he smoked 2 cigars and had a weeeeeeee dram , my buddy Tom showed up with a 12 YO redbrest Irish whisky ,,,,,, he loved it , , but he needs to learn how to sip not shoot it down hahahahaha

the weather has been just CRAZY here in da Burgh , it was in the low 50's yesterday afternoon , and we got an inch of snow last night , its all gone now as the temp is just under 50 , its 75 here in the Qtr.Deck

with all the Pro collage and HS sports being put in the shitter how will the bookies make a living ? Even the Casino here in da Burgh is closed , No Saint Patricks day Parade but the BARS ARE OPEN ..... I will be switching to Irish whisky for a few days and then switching to Corona Beer and Mescal ,,,,, with all the bad press about the virus the beer needs a bit of support ...
so far so good Im not feeling any ill effects other than spending to much time at home .....

All the late night TV shows in reruns , but old humor is better than No humor .
We all need a little levity to get past the health problem covering the world ,,, I wonder how the Amish population will hear about this problem ? hahaha
I dont Think I will be adding a face mask or shaving my 50 year old beard ( it will be 50 in Oct. this year , I did have it off and on a bit before then but have had it all but 2 weeks since then .

we went to the Grocery store to pick up some milk bread and eggs as we were running low .... UNBELIVABLE , the shelves were empty , all the frozen vegges were gone all the paper products were gone , the bread isle was empty I did get a quart of 2% and a dozen eggs ,,, looks like the eggos was a good idea hahahaha , I have a supply of booze , coffee and cigars .... IM all set
what are you smoking , drinking and cooking today?
Enjoy, Vince
Feb 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
good afternoon it is thursday, I was sick on sunday and didnt post then i forgot to catch up till now , I had a case of montazumas revenge , could not get off the toilet , and some say Im full of shit well I am EMPTY now hahaha . Sunday was a day that i did nothing , also the boss was not feeling well she had a slight feaver chills sore throat took her to the docs on monday to get checked for corona , got the word back we were hoping for negative , so i was off work all week i go back tuesday if they dont call as the hours are being cut .

I havent been cooking this week , since we both dont feel like eating much, Thank God for Canned soup, , tomato and rice, chicken noodle , veggie, and the old stand by Mac and cheese , it will be take out today , no idea what as yet, Arbys , might be the go to . I do know we are having fish on friday , my grandson is the gen. Manager at Harolds Inn in hopewell Twp and they are open for take out only , so I will be heading there for a beer battered fish diner for us , with a stop at the Methodist church for coconut cream pie .
since the boss was sick all week I didnt have the guys over last Tuesday for cigars and scotch , I have cut back on the booze and cigars, maybe thats why I dont feel 100 % hahahaha , right now I have a mug of coffee and a Bahia gold maduro ,,,, feeling better as I go !
the local Starbucks is closed till further notice but the drive through in Center Twp is open so I have been going there to get her a frap aver evening , just to make her throat feel better.

the local Ice cream stand has opened for the season & we have not been there yet. I hope we can get there Saturday if she is up to it.

the food truck will be opening on the first if all is well with them , I can realllllly go for a hot sausage sandwich with peppers and onions ..... maybe a cheese steak ,,,, both are great , his wendesnday special is meat balls .... they are wonderful
not much else going on here,
what are you cooking , smoking and drinking ?
Enjoy Vince