A great Sunday

Jan 31, 2005
South Central PA
I've enjoyed this form and am thankful for all who contribute to my questions.Today, I'm enjoying great cigars, golf on television,I collect and play with wood shafted golf clubs circa 1860 to 1915.Re-glued a few heads for spring.Started with a Padron Londres at 10AM. A 3000 at 2PM, and might finish tonight with either a Cuban Monte #2 or Hoya Double Corona. No booze- a diet.
This has been one of my best weeks because I started a new job Monday- after five months off.
Thanks to all- you have helped me keep my spirits high.
Sep 27, 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
Sounds like a very interesting hobby. And it sure sounded like a nice Sunday. Congratulations on the new job. Hope it all works out.
Jan 17, 2005
I had a great Sunday too!

Finished remodeling the kitchen (a 9 week project), sipped about 6 shots worth of good single malt scotch and smoked a chateau fuente.

Aug 19, 2004
Chicago Born/Raised. Hollywood CA Resident
My Sunday wasn't bad either, went to my local Brewery/restaurant with my family and 2 month old Nephew, then head down to the bar area with my dad and smoked a Cien Anos Churchill, which went perfectly well with the Dark Star Imperial Stout they have on. I would have stayed and smoked more but The previous night I chained smoked three in this order: Anejo 77(with Black Label), Davidoff Grand Cru #3 (with Guiness), then finished the night off with an Opus Reserva de Chateau (with Harp). I decided since it was St. Patricks day celebration here in Chicago, I'd smoke some of the good stuff.... :D

I regretfully handed out my finisher to a buddy, the first Diploma of the box. I say regretfully because he smoked about a half an inch then put down for good. :cry:
Nov 25, 2003
Paradise CA
i nearly got arrested for trespassing on my own appartment property hehehehe. my neigbors are such turds.
Jan 12, 2005
hahaha. Nice. I hate my neigbors too. Cant say I smoked a single cigar this weekend but am reving up for a diploma for lunch. Just sat on my ass all sunday watching reruns of the A-Team on Tivo. That was when telivision was television. I topped it all off with a little "Above the Law" starring steven seagal. Oh yes did have guiness or two.

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