?? about flavored cigars

Jan 2006
Kansas City
My Fiance wants to try some of those Kahlua Cigars by Drew Estate. (I am for anything that might peak her intrests in cigars...as long as she leaves MY stash alone :p) Here are my questions to you:

1: Has anyone tried these?

2: I assume I should not store these with my cigars, so how would you suggest I store them for her without getting a seperate Humi?

(NO, BP. I am NOT going to send you MY cigars to make room in the humi...you know you were thinking it!)
Oct 2005
Lost in translation
I have had some flavoured cigars. Most seem that they use inferior tobacco and thus are an inferior product. Some people start out with them because they have a sweet flavour and want to try cigars and its a way to do such a thing. I just find that most of them are bitter and have too much of whatever type of flavour masking bad tobacco. That and they are usually chopped filler. Just not my thing.
Jan 2006
Kansas City
Thanks, phish. And I understand what you are saying..but... the decision to get them has already been MADE FOR ME!...hehe :roll:
Still, I think she just wants something that will be sweeter and smell good...she has not had a cigar before, but is starting to get interested.

edit: besides, the closer she gets to smoking cigars....the closer I get to smoking cigars IN THE HOUSE! :rock:
Oct 2005
Central Canada, eh?
Good Luck with that Spider. Try the Drew Estates line, there must be something there that she would like. Keep them in a small tupperware container with a water pillow, that should keep them fresh enough, and you won't have to buy another Humi.
Jan 2006
Saint Louis, MO
Well, the Drew Estate ones are at least hand made and long filler. I haven't tried the Kahlua series. All I've had are three ACIDs- Extra Ordinary Larry, Acid One, and the "Cold Tea Infusion". The tea infusion was mild with an incredibly sweet wrapper. In other words, I thought it was disgusting. The other two tasted pretty much like cigars. Smelled a little funny, but didn't taste all that different.

Next up in my Drew Estate list is a Naturals "Egg". I wouldn't have been interested had it not been for the shape of the thing though. Unless the egg is great, in which case I'd probably try some more Naturals, next up would probably be a Java- coffee flavored.

I'm storing my Egg in its box in a tupperdor with some humidification gel. If I were to aquire any more flavored cigars, that's where I'd put them. Naturals may not be infused, but they still smell funny due to the not usually put in a cigar tobaccos used. The Egg smells kind of minty. No way that's going in with my other sticks. Infused cigars are an even bigger no-no.
Jan 2006
Ashburn, VA
instead of buying some cheap filler cigar, take a nice inexpensive mild cigar, don deigo and place in the bottom of a cylinder some marbles with a shot of whatever liquore you want. Then place the cigar in there for about a week or two and you have a great home made smoke. I usually buy some Jr's and do it with scotch. Its a nice alternative every now and then.
Mar 2005
Cedar Park, TX
I have had one of the Kahlua cigars. I thought they were pretty good, as far as flavored cigars go. Very sweet at the beginning. About half way the Kahlua flavor will start to be overtaken by the tobacco flavor, which, in my opinion, was not very good.

It seems to me that the flavoring was added to the wrapper or sprayed on instead of injected, but I am no expert and really don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to things like that.

And yes, definately do not put them in the humidor.
Dec 2005
I hate to admit this but I really like the ACID Atom maduro. Its sweet, sugary and lemony. I bought one of those humidor bags by Fuente. It was $7.00, and it will last for 6 months. Never tried the Kalua ones but I be she'd like the Atom maduro. good luck
Jun 2005
McHenry, IL
Drew Estates Natural line. I will also reccommend the Sauza line but those are twice the price. I haven't had either in a long time but they were good as I recall.
Jan 2005
Oak Ridge, TN
The Kahluas really aren't that bad in my opinion. I've only had the mini's that come in a tin.
Jan 2006
Kansas City
Thank you all for your advice and your input on this matter. I have convinced her to pass on the Kahluas and have ordered a CAO sampler for her to try. thanks again.
Oct 2005
Southern California

I don't normally buy flavored cigars but about three weeks ago I tried the CAO Bella Vanilla. I liked it and would buy it again if I was in the mood for a sweet cigar. My local cigar shop said the other CAO flavors are also good, so your Fiance should be fine with them.

WARNING :!: : I would keep them seperate from your stash because the wrapper is coated with the flavoring.

Let us all know what she thinks of them.